Christmas Trees Can Impact Your Health

Christmas Trees Can Impact Your Health

written by: Haley Hernandez

by: Haley Hernandez
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Whether you have a real Christmas tree or a fake tree, Dr. Sujata Sharma from AFC Doctors Express says the dust and pollen could be filling your home with allergens.

So the cold symptoms you're experiencing this time of year might not be a cold at all, but it could be Christmas tree syndrome.

"Dust can collect even if we don't see it and if you just put your tree up and dusty ornaments up," Sharma said. "Little kids with asthma you have to be really careful with both artificial and real trees because they can aggravate or bring on asthma attacks."

She says some studies show bringing trees inside can multiply allergens every week they sit there.

The problem is, when symptoms start up this time of year, people don't make the connection that it's an allergic reaction and keep trees for weeks.

"It's obviously more than two weeks, sometimes it can be the entire month because we're not always so quick to take out the decorations after Christmas and so that can be a lot of mold in one room," Sharma said.

If you refuse to do away with tradition and keep the tree, real or artificial, she says you have to clean them.

"Just grab a baby wipe or a wet towel with a little bit of soap and wash it right down and then the same thing with ornaments," she said. "You'll see you'll be able to enjoy your Christmas a lot more."

Sharma says some Christmas tree lots will even wash the tree for you, so, make sure to ask if that's an option.

If you tell them you're an allergy sufferer, sometimes they can recommend a hybrid tree, which tend to have fewer allergens.