Circle of Radiance Puja for the Experienced: May20: Sebastopol

Circle of Radiance Puja for the Experienced: May20: Sebastopol

written by: Evalena Rose
by: Evalena Rose
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Circle of Radiance Puja

For Women & Men Experienced in Tantra

Saturday, May 20

1 - 10 p.m., Sebastopol

Led by Evalena Rose and Lindy James

"A wonderful event with a lovely balance between sacred connection in heart and spirit and the delicious delights of playful sensuality."

~ Join Us in Living the Ecstatic Life! ~

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$125 Single/ $225 Couple by 5/10

$150/$250 after

"Wow!! Being in the presence of such wonderful beings is truly an honor for me. I felt appreciated, sensual, sexy & loved. Your Pujas feed me, nourish me & fill me up."

Intimate Presence | Erotic Practices | Ecstatic Play

♥ Be deeply nurtured in a temple of love

♥ Explore a full range of sensual connections

♥ Nourish new sacred, joyous connections

♥ Deepening bonds bring healing to us all!

"A wonderful experience. I felt so much love. Thank you for creating such a beautiful sacred space."

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Evalena Rose, M.A. has led workshops on intimacy, Tantra & Sacred Sexuality for 23 years and is the founder and lead teacher of LoveJourney: Tantra of the Heart. Evalena masterfully crafts safe and sacred spaces in which ecstatic play is well supported. Her deeply spiritual private sessions include MetaTherapy, channeling, and multidimensional healing. ( "Evalena is a wonderful facilitator. Her calmness, soothing voice & unflustered way of explaining esoteric ideas, feelings and concepts is comforting & transformative."

Lindy James is a Certified Tantra Educator who has practiced Tantra for 20 years. She counsels couples & individuals in the "Art of Conscious Loving" in Santa Cruz, Oakland, & Sebastopol, CA. Trained in the Hakomi Method, she offers "Wind Horse," a unique blend of Hakomi and horseback riding. ( "In all my work, my essential focus is sacred intimacy."