Cleanse and Purify That Which Does Not Serve You

Cleanse and Purify That Which Does Not Serve You

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Cleanse-purify Cleanse-purify

It does seem like much of our program content is aimed at clearing and truly purifying you of all that is not you. I've been thinking a lot about how we clear away, and how we set up life so it's streamlined and works for our very best life.

One of our themes the past two weeks in class is eliminating distractions. We've been talking about the influence and interruption of digital addictions. The average teenager is sending 4600 texts a month, one every 6 minutes of their waking hours, many adults are doing the same. Whether it's checking Facebook and emails, looking at the phone constantly to check if you've gotten a call or text this falls into a new addiction and a psychological diagnosis of digiphrenia.

We'll be continuing to clear, to cleanse and purify in all aspects of life, asking the question what's in the way of me being fully me and continuing the journey of self awakening and self awareness.

It's an important season for our community, a time of tremendous inner growth and outer activity.

As I look at the metaphysical aspects of this shifting I think of the old saying as above so below. As within so without. If we're to clear away that which is not us to be more fully our Divine expression of self, we must over time examine all aspects of our lives, and set up a life that supports our awakening. From the clothes you wear, to the food you eat, the regular exercise you enjoy, to the planning of your day and week. Living with less distraction, a quiet mind and a profound deep inner focus that allows and supports transformation and miracles in all areas of life!

Here are 3 ideas you might implement this week: Do any of these suggestions and your life will change. Keep up your good habits and daily routines. I'll see you in class.

  1. Leave your phone in another room when eating or spending time with family and friends. Be fully present to the moment without interruptions.
  2. Skip watching videos/Netflix etc. for one week. Do a 'TV" cleanse. Please observe any changes in your dreams and energy. If we are who we hang out with, think of the influence of the shows you watch. Most folks average 4.25 hours of TV viewing per day, and that over the course of a year averages out to over 2 months of your life each year watching mindless nonsense, how much are you losing by tuning out life in this way? What are the consequences?
  3. Make a plan for the week today. Maybe you could plan your meals for the week, plans to exercise and work goals. It may help to have your clothes set out the night before so you're ready to launch into your day with grace and ease and a plan of action you can implement.