Clear Apathy, Lethargy, Stagnation Get into PASSION!

Clear Apathy, Lethargy, Stagnation Get into PASSION!

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Clear apathy Clear apathy

As I was hiking a week ago, I had a profound realization! I was aware that there were things and circumstances I wanted, and had wanted for a long time, that had not come to pass. I also looked at the miracles I've created, and how those shifts took place. I started muscle testing ideas and came up with a shocking and wonderful revelation: things can't transform in a miraculous way without passion and a full 100% commitment to the shift.

Then I rested the idea. My home: I was 100% committed when I really went for it, but in previous years when that was not the case, actually 14 years, I said I wanted home ownership, had the vision, but never realized it. Family – Adelia and I: Gosh when I went to 100% commitment we broke the speed record for fastest approved adoption on record I think, she was my daughter though adoption in less than 6 months! 100% commitment and a whole lot of passion.

My garden experience – God take me or make me well: Yep I went with 100% commitment to I'm getting better or ascending (not dying) and look I got better in miraculous and what looked like completely unexplainable ways to medicine and science.

Weight is not a big issue with me, but I am always saying I would like to be 126. I am currently 133 lbs. I went up for a short time because of a hormone imbalance last year, but came right back down to 133 which is apparently my comfort zone. Testing commitment 20% and passion 50% on this there is my answer, get it to 100% and my shift will happen effortlessly!

So then I was asking what is the dream killer? What makes a wish or hope lay dead in the water, and I got apathy, lethargy and stagnation. It doesn't have to be sourced by you, it can come from family. Remember how emotional anchors get embedded and have power.

So I'm throwing out a challenge to you and a gift. During the month of October get into passion about something in your life and bring 100% of you to the issue. I have prepared a chart for you to use to clear apathy lethargy and stagnation. With passion engaged your life force will jump, and over a few days you'll notice your vitality, mental clarity and a warm fuzzy very fun momentum engage!

Click here for apathy clearing chart

Passion moves the dial on life force, life force when high means you have your own full spirit participation, (that means you as a spirit are back in your body doing something wonderful). And my suggestion is have what you bring your passion to be set with a high fun factor to it!

Okay Let's DO IT!