Coding Insights for the Spring Equinox 2017

Coding Insights for the Spring Equinox 2017

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
Spring equinox Spring equinox

Here we are ready to start the new seasonal year once again. For many it can't come too soon. They are ready to release and re-birth. People are ready for a new beginning, fresh energy, and the re-surfacing of some lighter energy into the air. This past Winter has been an intense one for many.

The Spring Equinox happens on March 20th for many people in the world; however, for some it will fall on March 21st and these are those that are experiencing more of an Autumn season. Both the Spring and Autumn Equinox are seed planting times. Nature shows us this. Spring seeds blossom quickly; but need to be tended to, cared for, and worked. Autumn seeds gestate from within the Earth and the inner self and then emerge in the Spring.

So what we see blooming in our lives are actually the seeds that we planted 6 months ago. Interestingly enough 6 months ago, I made a legal name change to step greater into myself; and 6 months later I relocated (or have surfaced) into a coded place. In this new coded space I am planting the seeds for the harvest that will provide for me as new seeds gestate through the Winter. This is very exciting based on the seeds I am realizing I have been planting through conversations with people.

Seeds can be our thoughts, feelings, emotions, choices; and those literal ones that we plant through actions and into the soil and garden. This transition time is also that in which we cut back what is dead and heavy weight. So a time of shedding and releasing to allow for optimum conditions to develop in and to allow for a maximum harvest for ourselves.

The Equinox energy on it's own is all about stepping into finding our own strength. It is about operating with wisdom, thoughtfulness, and conscious choice. It is considering what is most important to take care of and doing what needs to be done, and freeing ourselves from material restrictions. It is in doing this that we allow ourselves to be truly powerful.

Spring is where we allow ourselves to be more carefree - so is it any wonder that it is a time of love, romance, new relationship, and the uniting of masculine and feminine energy. A fresh start to be in true divine unity. We aren't always making wise choices if we rely too much on faith; however, at the same time it is hard to be ruled by the material realm at this time.

As this energy comes together to create a point in time aka portal of energy known as the Spring Equinox we find that this portal is interestingly all about disruption, being the rebel, not conforming to authority. We have to be careful in what is often "reckless" energy. On one hand it can be very freeing and on the other hand it can cause us some real challenges that we have to spend time amending. The latter is usually the result of impulsively reacting vs emotional action.

In 2017 we have a very interesting component to this; because normally the rebellion is in the outer world. However, this year t is a portal that opens us to rebellion from within. It is a portal that serves as a catalyst to deep personal and soulful connection. We are likely to find people rebellion against anything that restricts personal freedoms and choices. This will be a rebellion to that which is not compatible to our true and soulful self.

This deep personal journey of the self is out of sync in some ways to the natural turning of the seasonal year; which is about coming out into the world. So the way to balance that is to focus on being more of yourself in the outer world. Make the shifts and changes that allow you to grow and create your most abundant personal harvest.

Don't worry. This is not about ignoring or being disrespectful to others; but about self care. The stronger you make yourself the more you are helping others by increasing the asset you are and increasing what you have to offer. This will also help others to take responsibility for themselves; which is greatly needed. It is important that people stand on their own and not in reliance of others; we do them no favors by keeping them reliant on us.

In this year's equinox we also find a few other components at work. This portal opens for being heard. It is a time where we can gain personal strength and where the voices of those that have been suppressed can be heard. In prophecies this can be a seasonal year of favoring those that have been misfits; and the start of where the "meek" inherit the Earth. This is a time where people will not lay silent any more.

We may also see "evil" agendas at work trying to maintain control. A last hurrah at suppression. However, once the meek have found independence from within they can't really be suppressed. So a big time of breaking free from structure; and this is what will surface in 6 months. Lots of breaking free from traditional and patriarchal structures. Do not view the "evil" as "evil" but as that which is making certain that we are dedicated to being truly free.

We also see a pattern in this portal that connects with sudden upheaval and change; and this is where we are likely to see consequences playing out with the choices of those in control. So the choices that they are making now; they will experience their consequences in 6 months. Power misused will wreck great havoc; and power wisely used will be given dominion.

It will be wise to grow and nurture yourself into freedom and independence over the next 6 months. It will be wise to leave your options open and have as few commitments as possible; so that you can shift quickly and easily where needed. Changes in plans will happen; and you want to be able to move without restriction or hesitation. Upheaval and shifts will happen but they don't have to be horrors; it is up to you to cultivate them into blessings. It is inevitable that this will happen when power sources and great shifts are happening.

This is not a time to fear; but a time to rejoice as power shifts and we are freed from the tyrants that have held control. Remember to have compassion for those that fall at this time; for all their choices were based in fear and not love. Do not claim victory when they crash; but hold compassion in your hearts for their journey to clear their choices and deal with their consequences is a rough one. Exert love, so that they can remember love and not be lost again in the fear. Do not become the perpertrators that they were; do not repeat the cycle.

Change is rarely a smooth process; but it is the compassion and love in our hearts that decide what grows. What we exert in this process makes a difference on the direction we, our Earth, our whole universe goes. Remember that 2017 is a powerful year for setting forth what will be for the next several years. This year is a big turning point, so our choices are critical. Choosing compassion with those that repulse us is critical.

No one benefits when we wish suffering on our enemies. Instead ask that they learn. Ask that they find a path that we can all live with. Ask that they join us in unity. What you wish upon your most despised enemy is what you invite into your life for yourself; so wish only the best for them. Wish for them what you want for yourself. We are ONE.

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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