Conformity with Nature

Conformity with Nature

written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
It-is-the-active-exercise-of-our-faculties-in-conformity-with-virtue-that-causes-happiness-and-the-quote-1 It-is-the-active-exercise-of-our-faculties-in-conformity-with-virtue-that-causes-happiness-and-the-quote-1

MYSTICAL MATRIX INDEX # 57 conformity – breath/breath - divine intervention is the divines idea.

Divine intervention is the divines idea not ours, even the most hopeless situation, has a beginning, a process and an end.

Control the mind, disallow, delusion dogma and the ego they overshadow the divine.

Not always as invisible as expected, seeing the present is always available.

Choice, our most precious gift makes the difference in our divine abundance or our personal wants.

Choice, given as a gift will stagnate if not kept fresh. Acceptance of our own choice is acceptance of the outcome.

Watch! The divine will manifest before our eyes!

Our only job is to comply with the gift.

written by: Al Duval

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