Cosmic Forecast - Crossing Boundaries

Cosmic Forecast - Crossing Boundaries

written by: Suzi Dronzek
by: Suzi Dronzek
Weestarc Weestarc

The week begins with an electrical storm from a Sun/Pluto opposition on Monday July 10. There's a tug of war that tends to be brewing between the ego and the need for power. A dispute between light and dark. We may want to ponder as to which energy we will choose to rely on, in order to get what we came for.

Along with this struggle, we'll still sense the pulsating vibration from yesterday's Capricorn Full Moon; to help strengthen our determination to protect what is ours. If we hope to rise above the venomous demands that are hidden inside this intense energy; then extreme adjustments will be necessary. Raise the frequency.

Passion is a positive obsession. Obsession is a negative passion. Carvel Paul Carvel

Venus in Gemini. It may be helpful to mingle with what is feeling strained, by getting to know what matters most. From there, we can improve our communications; saying what we want, and what we're willing to invest – to get it. Venus (values, love, money) left slow-grazing Taurus on Tuesday July 4, and entered social Gemini for the weeks ahead. Rather than settle for what we've been routinely served, we'll have a new hunger for variety, with options that deliver more space to breathe.

Mercury in Leo. Back on Wednesday July 5, Mercury (thoughts, communications, short journeys) had exited from shy Cancer, to enter courageous Leo. We've been looking to be a lot more bold with our ideas and our words, as well as with our approach with those around us. We should know that boldness comes in different levels; giving us the choice to be leading and creative with what challenges us... or we can be inflexible and domineering. So it might seem that if you can't stand the heat, you may as well get out of the kitchen, right?

When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure. Peter Marshall

With this information, we may want to think about our intentions, and then choose our best approach to get what we're searching for. This may prove to be helpful advice with a shifting Mercury/Jupiter aspect quickly approaching on Friday July 14. We're attempting to find a better way to survive with the pressures, and we're not afraid to say so – in a most big and daring way. Change is around the corner, and there's a pretty good chance that we'll get exactly what we're asking for – depending on which technique we choose to use. So if we move ourselves and/our needs, in front of others and their needs.. then our actions may be fiercely mirrored as Jupiter transits karmic Libra. What is to beneficial and promising for one, should be fairly considered to be beneficial and promising for the other – if a happy and loyal tribe is to exist. Starcana weekly tarot: Sloppy behavior from an attention seeker. SunRx/HierophantRx