written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
Dancing trees Dancing trees

Blessed, the earth is so abundant, the needs of us, her children, are a gift beyond our perception. Finding our cells in a divined place, the rest is celebration.

Going forward is very difficult when looking back is all there really is! Going back is difficult with every thing gone! Staying present is not easy with the past and the future tugging on our being!

Bless the earth, our cells do move on as the days melt. The test is to stay present, actualizing this truth. Celebration is not survival, it is the removal of unconsciousness, to find the present, the source of consciousness, living in our celebration, reflecting trust.

Divine intervention; when the lowest possible place you can be, shows you the way of the divine is not man made!. The divine can take us higher than we could possibly imagine, in a moment. When letting go, lets us know how tight we were holding on.

The flow un dammed, the source moving in, to fulfill the moment, with the action of liberation. Not attached, able to flow to the source, unencumbered by the 4 D's, dogma, delusion, drama, and doubt.

Love of the divine, allowing this change to be divinely inspired. Moving into a lighter, delight.

In charge there are no obstacles, there is only over, under, around or through.

Through our obstacles, we gain strength, undeniably through tenacity.

In charge, leading is not an option, it takes us over the obstacle, to show the direction forward. Beyond the obstacle, free to evolve and explore the multidimensional potential. Liberated by the divine, knowing there is no limit and our obstacles are strengthening to attain our liberation. To be free, liberated, to participate, knowing empowerment, knowing compassion, knowing liberation, in charge.

The rewards of men are insignificant compared to the gifts of the divine. To have an atomic purpose, finding allies engaging our every cell. Detached from the material gain, the adventure brings wisdom, the nature of nature. Having the ability to see creativity never sleeps.

Rewards are for catching outlaws, gifts are for celebrating the divine. The smell of fresh air, the sun on our face, the taste of water, the sound of a lovers heart. The gifts of the divine are priceless, they are not rewards, they are gifts.

Try it and find dancing with the trees, a priceless delight.

written by: Al Duval

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