Decompression Therapy Is A Popular Non-Surgical Lower Back Pain Treatment

Decompression Therapy Is A Popular Non-Surgical Lower Back Pain Treatment

written by: Dr. Jade Malay
by: Dr. Jade Malay
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Imagine how good your car will work if your engine is faulty or how efficient your computer will work if your operating system gets corrupted. Naturally, the competence will reduce by a great degree. This is exactly what happens when your spine gets that annoying chronic pain. People dealing with such, do not feel like doing anything because their body hardly permits them do much. The constant pain not only affect your health invariably but also keeps you irritated and annoyed, which further leads to stress and poor mental health. It is indeed a shame that many people suffer from Spinal decompression. Caused by degenerative disc disease, herniated disc or other abnormalities of the disc, this chronic lower back pain is often treated by surgical and non- surgical treatments. One of the very popular non- surgical treatments is spinal decompression therapy.

How Does The Decompression Therapy Work?

A protruding or herniated disc can often result in unbearable ache in the lower back portion. Thankfully, the pain can be diminished and reduced to a great extent by employing spinal decompression therapy. According to the therapy, the bulging disc gets lengthened by using traction, which in turn, supports the disc and helps in absorbing the nutrients required to heal the disc. It is achieved by creating a negative pressure inside the disc. Hence, the pain and uneasiness caused by the bulging disc gets reduced exponentially. Another reason why people prefer to opt for decompression therapy is its cost. It is very cheap and costs a lot less than lumbar surgery. It is hence, an economical, safer and efficient treatment for your chronic spinal pain.

Also known as Vertebral Axial Decompression (VAX-D), spinal decompression therapy is primarily used to reduce the pain in the neck, arms or legs. It also involves plummeting the load to the spine. Approved by the FDA, the therapy works wonders with the pain related to hips, lower back and buttocks without having to numb the legs. It is normally suggested to patients who have been dealing with this pain due to herniated disc for over four weeks. Also, people who have undergone surgery at least six months prior but are still complaining about pain, can also use the decompression therapy.

It is popular, relaxing and affordable. Obviously, not all of us can afford the surgery, which is why, decompression therapy seems like a great alternative. Medical research has proved the benefits of the therapy.