Delicious Caribbean Sun-Dried Tomato and Green Pepper Rice with Moringa

Delicious Caribbean Sun-Dried Tomato and Green Pepper Rice with Moringa

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
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"Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Cancer, Immune Boosting, Regulates Blood Sugar"

Here is a stick to your ribs meal that is really great. We've had a few people check out this recipe and they all love it. And this recipe is easy to make and will do your body good. Full of Moringa which contains 20 different proteins, 3.5 times the Vitamin A found in carrots, 7.5 times the Vitamin C found in oranges, 3.6 times the calcium found in milk, 2.9 times the potassium found in bananas, 2 times the protein found in milk, lots of iron and copper for anemia, it's anti-inflammatory, contains 30 different antioxidants, it's immune boosting, and lowers and regulates blood sugar.

Another Whole-Foods Plant-Based Recipe


7 - Cups of Organic Brown Rice - Just Slightly Under Cooked — Will Cook the rest of the way with all the seasonings.

3 - Cups of Organic Sofrito - A Blended Caribbean Mixture of Equal Parts of Mild Green Peppers, Garlic, Oregano, Onion, Cilantro, and Culantro or Racao but you can just add some more Cilantro if you can't find Culantro which tastes similar to Cilantro. You can freeze this mixture and use it for lots of recipes.

1 - Cup of Fresh Organic Moringa Leaves or You Could also use 1/4 cup of Moringa Powder - you will not taste this much at all... it's not noticed... it cooks into the rest of the flavors.

1 - Large Organic Onion Chopped

3 - Organic Salt-Free Veggie Bouillon Cubes

2 - Cups of Organic Sun-Dried Tomatoes - Cut into Strips

1 - Tablespoon of Mrs. Dash Seasoning

10 - Cloves of Organic Garlic - Minced

2 - Tablespoons of Organic Garlic Powder

1 - Teaspoon of Organic Ground Celery Seed

1/2 - Teaspoon of Organic Chili Flakes

1/2 - Teaspoon of Organic Ground Black Pepper

12 - Oz of Cooked Organic Garbanzo Beans

Salt to Taste

Enough Filtered Water to Cover Everything

(Optional) Garnish of Greens and A-1 Garlic and Red Pepper Sauce

Place everything except the rice in a large pot and cover with about 2 inches of filtered water. Cook until everything is tender. With lots of green peppers in the seasoning, it can look a bit green... it will change later. Then add the cooked rice and simmer down until all the water disappears and then just a little bit longer to make sure the rice is not too wet. Then cover and let sit for 30 minutes to cool.

Serve with a garnish of greens and A-1 Garlic and Red Pepper Sauce on top if you like it just a bit spicy.

Serves 12 people or 4 hungry guys

See this video about the Health Benefits of Organic Moringa - See Link -

Remember Eat Organic - All regular food contains from 30 to 50 chemicals including 6 cancer-causing chemicals, 10 to 12 hormone-disrupting chemicals, and 10 or more other disease-causing chemicals - Not Good - Eat Organic and Stay Healthy!

Enjoy this Wonderful Rice!

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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