Details on Activations In the Divine Human Blueprint

Details on Activations In the Divine Human Blueprint

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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It's an exciting time for the Quantum Activations Academy. We're going into incredible detail working deeply in the the divine human blueprint.

The following is a helpful explanation about the process of me going into the blueprint and what that action and clearing means to you. I'll also more completely explain why it's not a good idea to follow me into the blueprint.

I have for the last five years during specific trainings gone into the divine human blueprint and into the greater field of oneness to do clearings and activations to benefit the students of the training and all of humanity by undoing harmful and interfering programming in the divine blueprint.

I have removed anchors, cross wiring spiritual interferences hanging out in there and a host of other problems as well as sought to restore the essence of the original blueprint.

I always have given instructions to students not to follow me into the blueprint. Almost every class someone is wondering why they can't follow me into the blueprint? I'd like to take a little bit of time to explain the process of going into the blueprint, the volume of information in there and very simply stated that it's really not meant for a normal person to go in.

Along with my simple answer: is if you follow me into the blueprint you'll likely physically feel ill for 10 days to two weeks. The blueprint itself is very heavy. There's a lot of information there. It's set at a frequency that's not really great for the human spirit with a human body to enter. Although you wouldn't be permanently harmed from this excursion you just are not meant to go in there.

You may wonder why am I going into the blueprint and how is that helping the class and the greater human field.

The Divine Human Blueprint has been around for thousands and thousands of years and through that time there have been spiritual interferences who have messed with just about every part of that blueprint. The blueprint becomes less and less functionable as the spiritual interferences wreak have it in it so over the last five years I have cleared hundreds maybe even thousands of items in the blueprint that were not originally there.

Items cleared of significance are: the damage done to the divine human blueprint's DNA and how the DNA was clipped so that we would have difficulty reaching enlightenment. This issue caused us to strive to get out of our body to reach an elevated state of enlightenment. During our DNA trainings I've worked intensely i the blueprint and we as a group have worked on the God DNA. I have worked on restoring the extending ends, returning the elegant DNA to its original design.

We have also worked on adding the extra God strands to the DNA. As this has shifted we're seeing a lot of changes in people lightness a hopefulness real transformation!

Another thing I recently did in the blueprint supported by our students holding the space for this to happen was work the field of Genesis that had over 400 items blocking our full use of the field of Genesis. I was strongly focused on accomplishing a huge shift so that we could really fully access regeneration.

Cellular Neogenesis, the regeneration of the body will be fortified in the coming months as we begin to lay a new track of full access and blessing from this field. I feel confident we're on the right track as we gain strength in our abilities and the divine blueprint is now informing us differently! We rolled through Friday's regenerations of the immune and nervous systems in our Year of Miracles at a tremendously rapid pace. I was able to add a deeper level of cellular neogenesis know at all levels of the blueprint and permanently and these were things that we've never had time to do in the past are now being addressed. I can see that as we improve our access to the supporting realms we're going to really benefit in all of our activations.

Some people asked me what does the blueprint look like? A lot of the times I am not looking at the blueprint but looking for the specific issues. I am not actively using my mind or of course my vision. When it's a few things I have looked and have reported impressions. In a few of the recent classes where I've cleared in the hundreds of's more a feeling not so much a visual impression.

I'm going into the blueprint often having my hand blasting. I can feel there's a point where if I'm no longer in touch with my body, my hand does not move anymore. I can feel my body drooping and I do feel very active as a spirit and very quiet as a mind.

I have looked infrequently and at least a part of it looks very much like a field of peacock feathers but in the gray and brown tones. I think it's a layers upon layers upon layers of information that exist in a dimension beyond our corporal understanding of dimensions. It's beautiful amazing intense definitely a magnificent work of science and very miraculous.

As I describe this I'm describing the layers of the blueprint that have been assembled for us for our benefit so that we might live out beautiful lives in physical form on earth.

The defining the blueprint is about the physical body and the integration of spirit in body and the ease of moving in and out of body and over a lifetimes for multiple lifetimes. The divine human blueprint includes: Perception, Essence, Matter and Energy and is supported by the realms Genesis, Embodiment, Quantum and Amplification.