Diabetes Management vs. Diabetes Reversal Training

Diabetes Management vs. Diabetes Reversal Training

written by: Denise Pancyrz
by: Denise Pancyrz
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Rather than talking about "diabetes management," we should look to reverse the effects of diabetes. What's the difference?

It's your mindset. If you are told to "manage" a situation, you hope no one upsets the apple cart and more than likely will only make minimal changes for a short period of time. However, if you are told to "reverse" something, you automatically think action or change.

Once you have the mindset to change, then knowledge and support are necessary for your success to start seeing results in weeks:

  • Lower your A1c
  • Decrease or eliminate glucose spikes
  • Naturally improve or eliminate neuropathy
  • Decrease or eliminate the need for medication or insulin
  • Lose weight naturally

No Diets – No Counting Carbs or Points

Diets are not designed for long-term success; either is counting calories or carbs. Receive easy recipes and food ideas to support your new lifestyle.

September 27, 2017 begins your journey to reverse diabetes in a group training series. Learn from the privacy of your own home through video conferencing. Two weekly "Reverse My Diabetes" programs are available:

  • Transformation 12-week training program
  • Evolution 8-week training program

This is the only training series where you learn to reverse the effects of diabetes! The foundation for diabetes training is to learn how to make lifestyle changes for your lifetime; not a diet program with a revolving door.

Here's what clients are saying:

"I eliminated my neuropathy and lowered my A1c nearly 2 points in weeks!" – Cindy S. | MI

"...within 2 weeks I began to see immediate weight loss and stable glucose..." – Miguel S. | FL

"...helped me improve my A1c. Denise has been tremendously supportive, patient, caring and a good shoulder to cry on." – Nicole R. | Canada

"...gained control of my glucose and lost 34 pounds!" – Bob M. | FL

"[because of] your suggestions, my Dr. reduced my Lantus and I lost 6 lbs. No one ever suggested this before." – Kirk N. | OH

Sign up at: Training@ReverseMyDiabetes.net or Call Denise at (888) 848-1763