Different Gods

Different Gods

written by: Mark Janssen
by: Mark Janssen
Iris 5.2019 Iris 5.2019

Each morning when I wake up Archangel Michael tells me that the day will not be what I think it should be. Good, bad or other—whatever is going on in my head—Michael whispers in my ear that the day will be what the day is supposed to be. Many days he reminds me that life changes. When I became an adult Michael was with me when another person told me that, as an adult, God would change.

Later someone else came along to correct that statement. To make an already true enough statement even truer.

God does not change.

God always remains the same. Loving, open, warm and entirely caring about all of creation.

We change. If we want to. If we are willing to let go of the child we were to be the adult we are supposed to be.

Many people never let go of either their inner or outer child. They hold onto childish ideas and explanations of spiritual life. They would never think of doing that in their work life. They firmly know that one plus one equals two. But the things they were taught as children to make complex spiritual facts more easily understood? There it has become commonplace to either reject spirituality out of hand or else to hold grudges and resentments against the ideas we were taught as children.

Growing up, being an adult in spirit, mind and body, takes a lot of work. It may even take more work than we are willing to put into it. We are too lazy or anxiety-ridden (that is, too filled with fears) to have the courage to grow up.

The concept of some old white guy sitting on a golden throne sounds more like a Greek or Germanic god than the real thing.

We don't even need to go looking for God. If we ask them, the angels will gladly help us clear away the debris that we and others have placed in our lives. We don't have to do this on our own. With our guardian angels and teaching and other angels of all sorts we can clear away our mental messes. We can open up room in our hearts to let in light. Real light. Light that brings love and warmth and the ability to see clearly with our hearts and minds and souls.

It's a dangerous thing to do. To step up to bat and be a person who clearly sees themselves and their world is no small feat. It's not something that wins popularity contests with other people. It can make us more popular with ourselves.

Removing the fear in our lives day by day, second by second, requires courage. It takes honest daring. It takes the ability to eat cherries when everybody else around you is eating strawberries. At first other people make think you're behaving the same way as them. When they become aware that things only look similar—that you outwardly appear the same—questions will start to form.

People you have known since childhood or less than an hour will start asking questions. The way the questions are asked may be to put you on the defensive, to challenge your rightness in becoming more your real self. The fact that you have challenged—and frightened—others by being more real has caused them to act out.

Someone may appear to lash out. Or maybe they just plain do act out. It's their fear in action. It's their not understanding how come you can be more relaxed and happier about the existence of some Divine Power they can neither see nor comprehend.

Ask others who have already come through this if it's ever happened to them, this strange and unpleasant behavior. Don't be surprised if they may have encountered it every day for many years. It's just humans in pain being themselves.

When you have changed from a childhood comprehension of your Creator to an endless understanding, live the change deeply. Live and love the change in you.

You and your angels have worked long and hard for this metamorphosis.

Enjoy who you've become.

written by: Mark Janssen

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