Disability is Only in Our Mind

Disability is Only in Our Mind

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
Disabled Disabled

"You Have the Power"

I was just talking to a young lady who is ill, and she is always looking sad and has this feeling that life is bad. And I was talking to a lady who is just as ill but she always has a smile and a kind word to say about everyone and she gets out and helps other people.

We are more than just this body, we are spirit, we can overcome anything. People without legs become sprinters and are able to run with prosthetic legs. People who have lost arms are able to play an instrument. I once knew a young man who came back from Vietnam and I never knew he had prosthetic legs. He walked just like everyone else and he had an insurance business and got out and helped those in need.

A disability is only in our mind.

Take for instance a young man that was born without arms or legs yet he swims, and even gets out and does just about everything that everyone else does. And he is even a powerful motivational speaker. He does not see himself as a disabled, he sees that he does not have limbs. But he does not allow that to get him down at all... he keeps moving forward helping others.

There are people with no health challenges who are the victim.

Then there are people who don't have any health challenges but at the same time are stuck and feel they can't do what they want to do. Great spirit, God, the Universe did not give us our heavenly bodies to be wasted. It's up to us to get up and get moving and make a difference in the lives of others.

It's kind of like the old story of a man watching a beggar without legs using a board and roller skates to get around on. And a man watching this beggar and praying to God to help this beggar. And God answers back "I am helping this man - I sent you to help him". That also applies to our own lives, we have to let go of the victim mentality and see ourselves as more.

Great People With Disabilities

Look at Dr. Steven Hawking, there is a man with one of the worst disabilities that anyone can have. Yet he is making amazing contributions to the lives of everyone with his powerful work. I am sure it would be much easier to just stay in bed and play the victim role. But that is not who he is... he wants to get up and make a change in the world.

Look at Stevie Wonder now there is a person who is completely blind but he does not allow his blindness to keep him from doing his work and making people happy. And I am sure it would be much easier to just stay at home and do nothing but that is not who he is.

And there are millions of other great stories of people who have disabilities who get up and get going and make a difference in the lives of others.

And you too can make a difference in the life of someone near you.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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