Disappearing Tumors, Growths, and Cysts

Disappearing Tumors, Growths, and Cysts

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Disapppearing tumors Disapppearing tumors

In this revolutionary training I'll share with you what I've learned through my 27 years of working to help people live in full freedom and joy, letting go and totally disappearing stuff that grows inside the body that causes harm, discomfort, decay, pain and even death.

For years I've helped my clients and students shrink and disappear tumors, cysts and growths. I am excited about the recent transformations coming out of the VIP program and know these clearing will offer both great inspiration and help as we map how to clear tumors cyst's and growths.

Miracles and magic are afoot in our community and as I work with one of our VIP's Patricia, she was thrilled to report the massive clearing and disappearing I did on all the calcification and scarring in her abdomen, was both confirmed there by her doctor prior to the clearing, who had set out a course of action to do massive surgical clear out of abdomen and up under the ribs. She worked with me and went in to the doctor a few weeks later and to the doctors astonishment, there was no calcification or scar tissue. No need for a crazy massive surgical procedure. It was all gone!

Another VIP Caryll had a similar experience being told she was full of cancer and had not long for this world. Just two weeks after my 2-hour clear out she was told by the doctor there was absolutely no sign of cancer in her body anymore.

I love astonishing the medical community, but better yet, I love getting the miracles for my clients and students that they are looking for. A miracle for everyone, every day is my goal.

And as I think back on the work I've done, I remember Hannah a middle-aged gal with a very large fibroid causing her to be in a constant cycle of menstruation, bleeding all the time. She was exhausted, iron deficient and just plan weary of this condition. I helped her to clear the issue and she continued for about 10 days with a technique I taught her and the tumor disappeared, and her life happily went back to normal!

Another VIP Client I was able to help had a tumor on her face. Her nose and part of her upper lip were now part of this big tumor. As we worked together the tumor flattened and was in the process of disappearing. It was amazing to her to daily watch this painful and life altering problem disappearing in front of her eyes as she would observe herself in the mirror each day.

When I was in India at age 33 my friend Guruji Keshavadas a Guru to thousands of followers said to me "Veda (means the highest truth) you definitely have the power to heal cancer". Now I can teach you how to use this power to heal your conditions of tumors cysts growths and scarring

This is a newer training we've done it just once before, and not with all the clearing details I can now give you. You'll learn how to clear the programs that allowed you to grow the uninvited growth and then the best daily quantum technique you can use for shrinking it to nothing. You'll also remove the programs that would allow it to grow back.

I'll be sharing my secrets (something I love doing) and get you in charge of your beautiful healthy body!

4 Hours of Powerful Clearings Training One: Tumors Disappeared

Full clearing chart for removing all contributing factors for tumors of all kinds both benign and malignant. In this process you'll learn more about the quantum activation hand movements used for removing tumors as well as get a follow up protocol for tumors to continue to work towards disappearing the issue, that is 'not you'. These are physical interferences and just like spiritual interferences they anchor in have programs and spiritual interferences that support their presence in your body. We clear these issues and clear the actual tumor in the process.

Training Two: Removal of Cyst Process

There are some body types that are prone to creating and making cysts. If you are a person who has this challenge it can be frustrating and confusing. A cyst is much like a pimple gone wild. It becomes a permanent feature in your body. But with these wonderful techniques and clearing I will teach you, these can be easily disappeared and the area once affected by the cyst can return to normal healthy tissue, even if the cyst has been there a long time. Full clearing chart and follow up protocols for disappearing cysts.

Training Three: (2 hours) Clear Away Growths and Scarring

In our final two-hour program we'll do two processes. The first will be to address growths, things that are not tumors and cysts and are not helping your body to be healthy and vibrant. Calcification, skin tags, warts, moles and funky stuff we just don't want on our body will be cleared in the first half of session three. Following this clearing we will, for the very first time in our academy, fully take on scarring and scar tissue and do a dynamite process and clearing to help improve and hopefully totally disappear the impact and appearance of scarring on and in the body.

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