written by: Mark Janssen
by: Mark Janssen
Nm new year 12.30.2017 Nm new year 12.30.2017

We expect to make it to work each day. It is normal to have a conversation with an acquaintance. Some parts of our lives fall into the realm of the expected. It is when the expected does not occur that we are surprised. Finding ourselves in uncharted, unexpected territories of our lives is sometimes surprising. Sometimes it feels like the most awful thing that could ever be.

This is a time of year when more than the average number of people physically die. To some of us that is the norm. We know the November to Candlemas season are the days that people chose to leave mortal life.

What is forgotten is how many of those same people, whether or not they believe in any sort of God, regardless of their conviction of an afterlife, are surprised to wake up in that afterlife. My own experience is one of countless people who have died and looked back in surprise.

If you live a good life from dawn to dusk, birth to death, you will see wondrous things when you die. People who have neither belief in nor concept of God find themselves shocked to discover the joys of the afterlife, of going Home. Yet, they are no more surprised than people who say they believe in God and heaven. Those people, too, find the discoveries of God, angels and the glories of the hosannas on high to be more than could be imagined.

Expect the unexpected.

There is better waiting for you than ever you could imagine. You are better, more valuable and more loved than you could ever imagine.

Your undiscovered reality outshines all of your dreams.

In this life we see so much around us that is simply baffling. How can people constantly treat others badly while expecting the best for themselves? No matter what some fools say, they never change. Others are supposed to fit into their self-serving plans. Eventually those who are lied to, cheated, ignored and otherwise maltreated become tired of it.

Things happen.

Sometimes big things, like the American and French revolutions. Sometimes enough small, personal discoveries are made over time that there is a personal revolution. Those who have lived through years of others' mistreatment—it is otherwise known as sin or character defects—tire of it. They rebel. They reach the point where it is time to move forward with their lives.

Move on!

Live your personal heavenly discoveries.

That discovery may be a new place to walk. There may be a book that excites you. You may have found a new, inexpensive place to get really good ice cream cones. All of these discoveries are our own heavenly experiences.

Sometimes a slice of the cake is better than the whole thing.

You may find that there is an author who is a prophet and sometimes writes things that are terrifically hard to read. The longer you think about it, the more you may discover that it is difficult for that person to write about the harsh things in life.

As a young man I was told that I am a prophet. I thought that's pretty silly. I'm way too normal to be somebody as extraordinary as the prophets. Then just one too many of those professional people, ministers of various denominations, said it. I was hit with a horrible sinking feeling. After decades of having the same confessor, it is even more difficult because he keeps telling me to write more of the prophetic discoveries I hear from God and the angels.

Frankly, I'd rather have another chocolate chip cookie, thank you very much.

Each time I sit down to blog, I discover that I am surrounded by men such as Elijah, Isaiah, Samuel and Jeremiah and more recent prophets. God makes them physically present, not just spiritually present. I look up while writing and see that the wall in front of me has disappeared.

There stands God.

Just looking at me.


Go inside yourself. Discover your own personal prophet. Hold the burning candle in front of your eye that tells you this is not merely a year or month or day of grace.

You live in grace.

written by: Mark Janssen

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