Divine Origins

Divine Origins

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Divine origins Divine origins

If you've been in a training recently you'll have noticed something new in our format, we are starting with an earnest prayer for assistance and help. Why? Because prayer is effective, it works, and we get the help from those who stand with us on the other side.

I think reality, the black and white 2 dimensional world can feel isolating and heart numbing. Why would so many having the program 'death is better' these days? The loss of the sense of awe and wonder, of trusted angelic helpers and a loving Father/Mother God who is working on behalf of all humanity.

What makes us human? Let me tell you a beautiful story, one I hope you will enjoy deeply and one that will help you understand our exquisite connection with angels and the Divine in perhaps ways you had not understood before.

From One Essence to Many

We existed as one, beyond the concept of time and space even beyond realm and dimension, we were part of the universe union and alliance. We were one being.

We as the One had a desire for change. Being so large it split off into 5 pieces, one large piece, 2 smaller and 2 different mostly intelligence of not the same consistency as the other parts.

Without intelligence, the larger piece became a kind of gas. As well the 2 smaller eventually became a chemical element but the 2 that were intelligence began to grow and split off morphing gaining and gathering knowledge.

The one we called Father/Mother God or Supreme Being came from the 2nd of the different ones, as did angels. The first one grew (was what we would eventually come from) as if in a nursery cared for by the ones who would eventually become angels.

3 other intelligences who had come into existence similar to our humankind nurtured the whole of both, helping us to unify becoming organized and clear.

There were 30 steps in this process to becoming spirit and an additional 4 to becoming human spirit. Each step a miracle.

Angels too went through many steps. 37 steps to becoming spirit and an additional 4 to becoming angelic spirit. Beyond amazing we grew in grace and skill.

The one we now know as God had 4 steps to becoming Great Spirit. (there are about 30 of this level of Being)

There are 13 types of human spirit from this source we on earth represent all these 13 types. You can find humanity located on 6 unique planets.

There are 15 types of angels from this one source. All of these can be found around the earth. Angels are expansive and are located on 11 planets.

It is sweet to know 3 types of angels can and do from time to time choose to live in human bodies as they are close enough to us to join us in the dance here on earth and elsewhere.

We are not alone. There is safe trustable help we are given as we ask for assistance from the heavenly realms. Please keep reading our wrap up at the bottom of this newsletter I have disclosed all our community angelic helpers! There are a few surprises!