Do You Want to Stop the Yellow Brick Road Merry-Go-Round?

Do You Want to Stop the Yellow Brick Road Merry-Go-Round?

written by: Pat Heydlauff
by: Pat Heydlauff
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Are you on the freeway of life moving forward and accomplishing everything you wish in reasonable periods of time? Or does your freeway look more like the never ending yellow brick road, a road from which you cannot exit?

A few years ago statistics showed that 85 percent of the population never accomplishes change. A 2013 study by Forbes suggests that only 8 percent of the population accomplishes change, showing a decline of another 7 percent.

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, people start out on their yellow brick road of life with multiple goals in mind but without a plan. Aspirations and good intentions are vital to anyone's future but they aren't a plan. They are important for maintaining motivation but you still need a plan to succeed.

Has something happened along the way to your goal? Do you now feel stuck? Everyone gets stuck occasionally on their yellow brick road but the good news is that there is a plan to get you back onto the freeway and moving full speed ahead.

Create a Visual Success Plan

The best plan for getting you unstuck and back onto the road to success needs to include visual, mental and spiritual components. And the best tool is a Vision Board (also known as an Intention's Board). It will help you bridge the gap between your good intentions like a New Year's resolution to lose weight and successful results.

Create a Vision Board A Vision Board is like a bulletin board or presentation board (physical or virtual) with a surface you can use to attach pictures and messages. Once you have decided what you will use to create your Vision Board you need to make sure it is a dedicated surface used only to support your intentions, goals and dreams.

The best location to display your Vision Board is either in your bedroom if you wish it to be private, near the door of your home that you regularly use or if you have a home office, a place where you can easily see it. It needs to be located in an area you see several times each day.

Evaluate your Goals - carefully select three to five things in important areas of your life that you wish to work on - things that will get you off the yellow brick road. Choose wisely. Do not place too many major items on it, so you can focus on each daily and let your subconscious mind do the work.

Energize Your Goals - now that you have created a new energy path into your life, it is time to energize your intentions, resolutions and goals. For each item you would like to successfully accomplish, find something symbolic that represents your goal and place it on your board. For example, if you want to lose weight, * place a picture of an outfit that you would like to wear when you reach your ideal weight goal (you can print it out from online or cut it out from a magazine); * put the number representing your ideal weight or clothing size.

If you would like to improve your health, * put a picture of a sumptuous meal filled with only healthy fresh food; * some type of exercise, sport or physical activity.

If you would like a relationship with a significant other, * look for things that symbolize a great relationship such as a couple walking hand in hand on a sun-drenched beach, sitting poolside on a cruise ship or in front of a huge fireplace at a ski lodge.

If you are looking to improve family relationships, * with adult children that live far away, you can draw a simple stick figure picture of two houses far apart connected to each other by a clothesline filled with dozens of hearts in various sizes and shapes * or use a family reunion type picture where everyone is having fun.

If you seek a more spiritual relationship, * use a simple picture of nature and trees with sunshine streaming down * a picture or something that symbolizes God or a higher being * or if you are looking within, searching for a connection to the heavens and the universe use picture of a single candle burning brightly

The Vision Board Missing Link – vision boards are just intentions and goals until you energize them and act upon them. The one step that is often overlooked is that you also need to energize your intentions not just visually but also verbally and emotionally. Select a quantitative word to go with each goal. For example: your ideal weight (150 pounds) or "thin" for losing weight and $1,000 for an increase in income.

Next, determine exactly how each item you have selected for your vision board will make you feel. If you lose weight will you feel relieved, happy, excited or overjoyed? If you find a significant other will you be thrilled, in love, on cloud nine? Drill down and get to that feeling – the one you can taste, feel and touch. After you accomplish a goal, maintain your desired goal by creating a mantra that expresses your feelings and place it on your board.

Don't procrastinate; create your Vision Board today. Your Board with appropriate goal oriented symbols, words and emotions gets you off that yellow brick road for good and creates a positive energy flow that helps you bring your desires and intentions to a joy filled successful completion.

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