Does God Love Me?

Does God Love Me?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
God loves me God loves me

In this sacred time of year, I want you now to look at what you thought when you read 'Does God love me?' in the subject line of this email. The answer to that question is always from your mental emotional body if it's anything less than a resounding absolute yes. When you ask yourself the question, see if you can muscle test for your answer.

The first thing to muscle test is Does God love me...the answer is yes 100%. If it is other than that you'll want to clear things from your blueprint having you believe in a lie/untruth.

Next ask "do I allow God's love for me in fully? :As I test for our community the range of allowing and receiving is about 20% - 50%.

Looking at the love of the good father/mother God, and the blessings that you can ongoing receive in your life is an important contemplation. Once you've begun this internal inquiry you can take it a step further: "how much room do I have for these gifts?" And the other end of that issue is "how much do I take on the part of my life that is the part God can bless me in?" Again, if it's less than 100% I am able and do receive all the blessings flowing towards me, perhaps you're mentally or emotionally blocking without knowing or having a notion of the goodness your life can truly live into. You may think:"I've just got to deal with this part of my life all by myself or I'm all alone".

The awareness of how open I am to the presence of God in my life moving and accepting the love and blessings can be a good indication of how much you can fully transform in the quantum field which is the field of oneness.

In the coming months as we progress through our amazing, newly-formed schedule of trainings we'll be clearing away that which isn't you, that which blocks you to being your best. It's such an exciting time for us as we look at expanding goodness, joy vitality and youthfulness in balance and full self expression.

In this holiday season, I encourage you to reset your receiving barometer, and gratitude quotient to a much higher level. Prayer and contemplation our the pillars of the quantum work, and are how all charts, and even all trainings are created.

In your quest for the best life, take time to notice where you are, and what needs to release to be where you want to be.