Does the Divine Human Blueprint support your regeneration and growing younger now?

Does the Divine Human Blueprint support your regeneration and growing younger now?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Planet earth and sun Planet earth and sun

Discovery is once again upon us as we open to looking at our supporting fields in an entirely new way! I'm preparing for the Blueprint Realms training, and as I was looking at the program and topics,I realized we must approach this from an entirely new angle, that of how well we're able to access and use each of the 4 realms. What I discovered was a bit of a surprise to me as I would have thought with all the regeneration we would have been set higher, but the field of Genesis is at a very low 9% for our community. In comparison, for humanity as a whole it is at only 2%.

Of course the question is why is it set so low?

If one were to believe a literal translation of the Old Testament we read there were those who lived 700 plus years. The author Leonard Or reported on an Indian Master referred to as Babaji living 700 plus years. Yet our human reality is to live far less. Long-livers in Japan, over 5000 people are now 100 to 178. We know there is something we do not know. Could improving the access and use of the Genesis field be a big part of the answer to longevity and great health?

As we've been working in the Quantum Field for a good 11 years now, and are doing classes like Quantum Mastery, Mastering the Quantum Pump and Clearing Statements, we've really strengthened our community set point and use of the quantum field so very much. Our community is set at 91% while humanity is set at 43%. We're rocking it, and our set point is raising the set point of all humans!

So I'm looking at beginning the shift or the realms. Last year we got a fairly good description of each of the fields/realms. This year I'm determined to raise the set point of our access and use of each realm to as close to 100% as possible. The problems for Genesis realm is not that we aren't doing the activation of regeneration well but that the The Divine Human Blueprint has been set back to a very, very low state by what looks like 11 different spiritual interference types. I don't know how much of this I can improve in one training, but there are over 300 issues that need correcting in the blueprint, so for the first time in a training, I specifically wire our clearing chart to have the students actively be pumping to effect change by supporting the Divine Human Blueprint transformation, while I'm doing the work in the Blueprint!

In this training, we'll not only be resetting the realm of Genesis, but doing a full repair of the realm of embodiment, improving the form and function to its highest of soul to spirit, raising the bar even higher with our quantum field access and dramatically shifting our use of and access to the field of amplification.

I'm determined to raise our community's miracle access to a much higher state this year, to solve questions of why some improve so little while others do get their miracles. I think we're on a great trajectory as we seek to dramatically improve our access and set points of how much we can receive and benefit from these supporting fields.

I look at all we have been able to accomplish with Essence, (your spirit self with all its complexities) both in mapping and defining and the restoration of this part of the blueprint. It's been tremendously rewarding to help our community and world heal this...even thousands of angels have benefited from the recent essence spirit retrieval and restoration. Now we go for it with the realms and I know many miracles and transformation, once perhaps too big to imagine are in store for us! It's time to get excited, join in and be part of the transforming state of humankind to a much higher access level and ultimately a much stronger full self expression path, with longer lives, greater health wealth and loving relationships instore for us all! Be hopeful, it's time for another Huge shift!