Eating Seedless Hybrid Foods

Eating Seedless Hybrid Foods

written by: John Lala, Jr
by: John Lala, Jr
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The basic premise here is that there is a natural blueprint in every plant, fruit, vegetable, herb, and natural living creature on this planet which includes you and me. In this article, however, I will be focusing only on some of the seedless foods you may be eating.

By a natural blueprint I mean that design pattern or energy matrix—sort of analogous to an architect's blueprint for constructing a building—that causes all living things to grow and develop in a specific construct in accordance as "nature" designed and intended. That design pattern is inherent and ingrained in the seeds of the fruit or vegetable when the plant is allowed to grow to fruition and produce seed stalks. The seeds retain the blueprint and all genetic information in accordance with the natural design of the specific food being grown so the vegetable or fruit can continue its perpetuation at the next seed planting.

Therefore, a non-hybrid food has a complete energy makeup throughout every cell of its composite being, seeds included. So in its natural conditioned state of being it will match the bodies recognition capability that says "this is a complete food and is okay to eat" so to speak. In addition, it is has a complete essential nutrient profile—with variables in how it is fertilized and tended to—and a complete genetic code of information based on its natural conditioning. This is not true of hybrid grown seedless foods, as their innate conditioning has been altered. (Please note, I'm not addressing sensitivities or allergies here.)

In other words, there is a high compatibility between naturally grown foods and the body itself.

When a food is bred so that it cannot regenerate itself through natural seed production, that natural blueprint or energy matrix that makes the food complete and most compatible to eat—energetically, electrically, and vibrationally—cannot express itself as originally designed and the food item is made incomplete by the breeding altering process and the body will not recognize that food item as being completely natural. It will sense—vibrationally and energetically—that there is something not quite correct about it. As a consequence of the altering process, the body will have difficulty in digesting and assimilating it as nature would normally have intended.

These types of hybrid foods can cause the body to go into a state of stress—often unknown by the person—causing many different symptoms not always traceable back to the hybrid food ingested. In addition, since the genetic structure is incomplete, these foods will be nutritionally deficient in diverse ways and the body will have to take from its own supplies of nutrients to deal with those deficiencies and alterations to cope.

I can attest to the fact that such foods can and do cause negative responses in the body. I know people who cannot eat hybrid foods of the seedless type but have no problem with eating foods of the same type that are not seedless. The is also confirmed to be true via energetic testing.

Foods that I recommend we not eat are general store bought hybrid bananas, seedless grapes, seedless watermelons, seedless oranges—and definitely no orange juice whatever—seedless grapefruits, and in fact, any food engineered to be seedless. Some favorite foods I know, but I highly recommend that these foods not be eaten for the potential negative side effects they can potentially cause.

Some of you will say "but I eat them frequently and don't have a problem with them". Actually, we can get by with eating them on occasion, but not consistently or frequently. It most likely won't be long before symptoms will start to manifest that will not be traceable to these types of foods unless you have a means to do so. Unfortunately, such testing is not universally available to verify when these negative side effects arise and which organs, glands, bodily systems, or nutrient deficiencies are being exacted or are causing a specific health issue(s). The closest thing would be what is called muscle testing, though it is somewhat superficial. It can be useful in some circumstances however. I personally prefer energy testing which I find much more accurate.

Also, the symptoms will be varied and unique to each person's biochemistry. So it is highly recommended that these foods just not be eaten. You will very well benefit in doing so.

The choice is yours however, and I hope that you do not let what might be viewed as an inconvenience in eating seeded varieties detour you from eating what I consider to be healthier choices. In fact, I sometimes eat the seeds as they have beneficial value as well. Thank you!

written by: John Lala, Jr

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