Entitlements from Ex’s Soul Family CRAZY Who Knew?!

Entitlements from Ex’s Soul Family CRAZY Who Knew?!

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Entitlements Entitlements

Incredible! Karma clearing process has just shifted up. I'm adding mother and father prophecy, and entitlements as well as parental entitlements and ex spouses soul family entitlements.

I'd been questioning why so many entitlements and how they get in our space, why we do not enjoy more full body ownership than we do and kazooie, it came to me, entitlements and parental prophecy play a huge role in this problem. And on some level at some point we agreed to some of this stuff so we could get our body, and live out our life in a body on the earth. But just like an agreement, if it's no longer serving you, then it's time to clear and be free of these impediments.

This is coming up at such a perfect time as we're going into the Growing Together Express Yourself community training and we're addressing the early blocks to expressing yourself, of which entitlements and parental prophecies are huge! By the way this is a 2-hour training that's only $29. So it you're not already planning to attend the information on the training is below, be sure to grab your spot today!

So as I was investigating this issue of entitlements for myself, both parents and soul families of both are now cleared, but my ex husband who I'd done karma clearing with and his family had not. It just hadn't occurred to me.

So how big is this clearing for me, and possibly you? 18 of my ex husband's male relatives and 2 female relatives had an entitlement on me. I remember how horrid he was to me when I would be in a new relationship, he would find all kinds of ways to punish me, I just could not let him see or know I was happy and in love, but on another level, he always seemed to know.

Now that we're many years apart you would think oh gosh that's old news, but unless you clear it those same stupid programs (and these are the dumbest programs I can imagine) just keep running. So you can bet you know what I'm doing this holiday weekend, I'm cleaning house with the ex's soul family entitlements.

I'm definitely witnessing a physical change by clearing my mom's soul family. My body feels better. I feel better. As I clear this, I plan to take you through the clearings I map out in the Express Yourself training on Tuesday and when we get to the February Karma Clearing Training we'll be adding a significant batch of clearings to the 5-step training we've been doing the past 9 years.

Gosh I'm excited and hopeful. We have so much to gain as we clear away blocks to full ownership of our life, and we are so on the right track!