Everything Troublesome is Anchored

Everything Troublesome is Anchored

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Everything troublesome Everything troublesome

I created a chart for myself a few days back to help with a few issues, one a big time stress rash on my back from hosting a big party for Adelia, while putting in a play yard and working. I wanted to really nail this because I'd had the rash for three weeks, and the simple pumping I'd been doing wasn't touching it. Day 2 after the creation of the chart the thousand little (what looked like mosquito bites) have completely disappeared. Yippie!

I'm going to be teaching how to create a chart in the Diamond accelerator for the very first time ever, and if you're someone who either works with clients or wants to really dig in and work on your very specific issues it is a vital quantum skill to gain.

Why was this chart so incredibly powerful? We've added at least 16 new 'programs' and 8 new anchors as well as more than 20 interferences, many not related to aliens but actual energies interfering with life, and full self expression. So I started to set up the chart as I always do with a statement, followed by where in the blueprint, nature of emotional anchors, programs and spiritual interferences. For me, who have cleared many times, I was surprised, many of the new to us interferences were troublesome to me in this issue. I'll looked at it and sighed, okay I can do this and started in on the anchors. I did just the first letter as I mentioned it was a long list. Then as I was completing I felt a nudge to check if there were anchors on the programs, and sure enough many,many anchors, as a matter of fact equal to the amount you would find in spiritual interferences. So I checked emotional anchors, and yes there were anchors, not as many, but some words had a lot of anchors. And finally I thought just do everything, anything at all on the chart. I checked for anchors, the statement...yep anchors. Areas of the blueprint and nature of ..yep!

Knowing this, knowing now we will never just clear the program we will always clear the program with anchors, and for everything on any chart we will always now clear all anchors, I found a new potency and power.

I was talking to Kim today, our project manager, telling her this is a time much like when I wrote 600 pages to introduced all I had learned to that point in Your Divine Human Blueprint. I am driven to capture the outpouring of knowledge as if there's a set time to capture all that we can and integrate as much as possible for the benefit of humankind. It feels like this place I am in, and you with me is going to be like this for a few years.

I had a sense we were engaged in a quantum encyclopedia of all knowledge of humankind and our existence. Delighted to be back tomorrow from a well lived, cultivated and nurtured staycation.