Exercising is Not Boring but Exhilarating!

Exercising is Not Boring but Exhilarating!

written by: Mr. Patrick Streppel
by: Mr. Patrick Streppel
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Exercising a boring chore? Not at all! Read the article below to from now on only look at exercising as a rewarding and exhilarating experience.

Too many people only have a vague idea why regular exercising should be one of the big rocks on their weekly calendar. This is a serious problem because only having a vague idea about some general health benefits isn't very motivating to get and keep you going with a workout routine. Understanding a bit better about what is going on in your body when you put your muscles to work makes you part of the process, helps to establish a better connection with your body and can, therefore, make all the difference.

What does regular exercising do for your body and brain?

The unique quality of the muscular system lies in its ability to pull all other body systems forward in their function. This effect depends entirely on the state of the muscular system and works therefore in two ways. Whether its function improves or declines, all other body systems will follow suit.

Our body consists of 11 body systems, skin, respiratory system, bones, digestive system, cardiopulmonary system, nervous system, urinary system, reproductive system, lymphatic system, hormonal system and of course the muscular system. Let's go by each of them quickly.

First, we have the skin.

Exercising pushes blood through the tiniest blood vessels just below the skin delivering oxygen and nutrients and removing waste and toxins. Exercising helps to keep your skin healthy and elastic.

Next is the respiratory system.

Exercising puts your lungs at work, keeping them flexible and stimulates the use of the lower lobes of the lungs where most of the gas exchange takes place.

Exercising helps you to build strong bones.

Let's combine this body system with the muscular system. Skeletal muscle is the most abundant tissue in the body, making up about 23 percent of a woman's body weight and about 40 percent of a man's body weight. Aside from becoming stronger, Exercising also improves tendon and ligament strength which leads to enhanced joint function and flexibility, builds strong bones, improves balance and stability and improves core strength and posture, helping you to eliminate or reduce low-back pain.

Next in the row is the digestive system.

Building muscle tissue and keeping muscles in good shape requires a quick delivery of nutrients and removal of waste. Exercising increases the gastrointestinal transit time with up to 50%, which is a great help to prevent colon cancer.

Another body function that benefits from exercising is the cardiopulmonary system.

This system is responsible for the constant supply of blood with nutrients and oxygen and the removal of waste and toxins throughout the body. At rest, your body requires about 5litres of blood to circulate every minute. A strong heart can do the job with 60 beats, but an untrained heart needs to beat 70 times for the same result. This means about 14,000 more beats during one day.

Number 7 in the row is the nervous system.

The effect of an improved muscular system is that the nervous system will improve its function too to control and facilitate proper muscle function. Exercising also promotes the release of hormones that stimulate the growth of new brain cells. The science of neuroplasticity learns that this process continues regardless of our age, even when we're in your 90s.

Aside from building new brain tissue, exercising also supports proper brain function by

- improving and increasing blood flow to the brain

- reducing damaging plaques in the brain, helping to slow the development of dementia

- preventing brain shrinkage

- reducing inflammatory responses

- promoting the production of nerve-protecting chemicals and

- preserving existing brain cells

In other words, exercising helps prevent and even reverse brain decay in the same way it prevents and reverses muscle decay.

The other way exercising contributes to brain health is that it works in many cases better against depression than most antidepressants without any of the negative side effects related to drugs and medication.

The remaining body systems are

the urinary system, the reproductive system, the hormonal system and the lymphatic system.

What is true for the digestive system is true for the urinary system. Exercising increases the demand for water as well as the demand for removal together with waste and toxins. In other words, exercising improves the function of kidneys and bladder.

Exercising also stimulates the working of our reproductive and hormonal system. Good for our sex life and good to control the effects of menopause.

Last in the row is the lymphatic system or the sewage system of the body. About 75 percent of this system resides just below the skin. The cardiopulmonary system has a heart that pumps the blood around, but the lymphatic system has no such organ to push the lymphatic fluid around and depends on muscle contractions to squeeze the fluid through the body toward liver and kidneys where waste and toxins can be removed.

These are just some of the benefits.

Since all bodily systems are connected, all will develop and improve proportionally with the improvement of the muscular system. Realise however that the opposite is also true; a weak muscular system leads to weak body systems and a decline in overall health.

I hope this quick overview will motivate you to keep your body in the best shape possible for the rest of your life. Balance your workouts with sufficient rest and whole food, organically grown and mostly plant-based diet and expect to live healthy and happy into your nineties and beyond.

From today on, when you do squats or any other exercise, don't just think of the number of repetitions you want to do but realise the beautiful things that are happening in your body and that by working just one body system, you activate all other ten systems at the same time. What a bargain!

To help you with setting up a quick and easy routine you can do any place and time; you can follow this link https://youtu.be/klwRFZe9fAI that will bring you to my YouTube video in which I demonstrate a 8 and a half minute full body workout for which you don't need any equipment. Just follow me on the video or mp3, have fun with it and know that your body will reward with feeling pumped and energised for the rest of the day. And to make it even easier, you can also download a pdf-file and a mp-3 file to take the workout with you.

Questions, comments or need some help? Go to my website www.masteringwillpower.com where you can find a lot of useful information and send me a message on the contact page.

To Your Health and Success!

Patrick Streppel.