Fall Cleaning: A Spiritual Ritual

Fall Cleaning: A Spiritual Ritual

written by: Mackenzie Wright

by: Mackenzie Wright
Fall Fall

Every spring, one thing that probably comes to mind is that it's time for spring cleaning. Many people feel automatically driven to take part in this ritual, as though it's in our very nature. Many people don't stop at the physical cleaning; they also take the opportunity for a spiritual cleansing.

All winter you're cooped up in a closed-up house and that pent-up energy that builds in there becomes thick and begins to weigh you down. When springtime comes, people often feel the need to open the windows and air the place out, to freshen the home up.

Spring is not the only season that we should turn our sights towards spiritual maintenance. Don't let Fall go by without another cleaning session. Spring is a season of fertility, when new life begins to bud on the trees and bring animals out of hiding. Everyone seems to get a little frisky with this season so closely associated with fertility, as thoughts turn to 'the birds and the bees'. Symbolically, as spring is associated with youth and birth, fall is associated with age and death. You may have heard the term "autumn of his years" to refer to someone growing old. The leaves begin to die on the trees, the blossoms shrivel and fruit falls off the vine, animals retreat for the long cold winter.


Spring is understandably associated with new endeavors, new beginnings and reinventing ourselves. It's the season of planting— we literally plant seeds in the garden, but also figuratively plant seeds in the form of looking forward and making plans. The fall, on the other hand, is not associated with endings. In ancient times, it was when people finished the harvest and wrapped up projects for the winter ahead. It's a time for reflection, for looking at your harvest (both literally and figuratively) , to 'reap what you've sown'. If you've found spring cleaning and cleansings beneficial, you may find that getting into the habit of a fall cleaning and cleansing to be satisfying as well. The focus, however, should be slightly different. Consider some of these tasks for your 'to do' list.


• Give the home a good physical cleaning. Dirt and dust can attract and trap negative energy, so the best way to prevent that kind of build-up is to not let it build up at all. Give everything a good wipe down and vacuuming before the weather turns cold.

• Air out the home by opening all the windows and doors once in a while and letting that blustery autumn breeze flow through. This will lighten the feeling and mood after a summer of air conditioning, and freshen the house up before you close up for the season.

• Perform a house blessing. Just as spring is a great time for cleansings and clearings, fall is an excellent opportunity for blessings. Soon everyone will be closing up in the house, blessings will help ensure a pleasant, spiritually peaceful environment for when that season begins.

• Swap out colors for autumn colors in your décor. When the weather turns cool, it's natural to want to start retreating indoors, but it's easy to get very lazy and bored. Warm colors are energizing, stimulating emotions, conversations and activity to help keep you busy through the winter.

• Take some time to wrap up projects, particularly those that involve outdoors. If there are projects not ready to be wrapped up, it's a good time to stop and re-evaluate.

• Take the time to look back on your life, on what you've manifested by your efforts or your good thoughts. Also think about what you've brought into it that you're not happy with. By taking this time to review your path, you can spend the coming months making any necessary 'course corrections' so that when spring comes again, you'll be ready for a rebirth.