Family and Timelines

Family and Timelines

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Family and timelines Family and timelines

I'm writing this on St Patrick's night. My darling has drifted off to sleep in my arms, my shoulder is wet with her sweet baby drool and as I sat rocking holding her, I was drawn back to thoughts of my great grandmother Katherine Kennedy who came from Ireland, and her story of struggle, which eventually landed on my timeline and added to my difficulties.

I know we haven't really explored timelines in trainings yet, and I'm excited to be delving into the hows and whys of timelines in our new training tomorrow Monday.

Katherine came from Ireland where divorce was illegal. Married to a cruel man, unhappy in marriage she came to America to find freedom from the intense control energies of church and the matriarch of the family (her mother). She was in love with a French man with the last name of Petite, and out of wedlock had 3 girls and a little boy. Something happened to her man, maybe war, or illness, but she was left alone with 4 children not recognized by the church, and her mother forced her (and likely circumstances of extreme poverty) to give away the 3 girls to 3 separate couples who took them in as servants at a very young age.

The girls resented, even hated, their mother for her inability to care for them and raise them and they never saw her again.

Fast forward to my life, married to an abusive alcoholic at age 18, had 3 children and lost custody of them while being treated for terminal cancer (which I survived to everyone's surprise). I was in extreme poverty and dire straits with health. I was kicked out of my church, my parents condemned me to live on welfare despite the fact they were well off having not one but two homes.

My now adult children over time were poisoned with lies about me and grew to be hateful towards me and eventually formed a wall of silent hatred aimed at me. Whew...that's an intense story, and a real one. How did timelines affect my difficulties with my first children?

There are 5 types of timelines and in our training we'll explore the impact and clearing of each. In my life, the timeline causing such a horrific event to take place was the energetic timeline to me from great grandmother Katherine, and if I did not clear it again it would show up 3 generations down the line in my first offspring.

I did have strength and determination in common with Katherine, but why did it fall on me to play out this difficulty? Energetic timelines play out to birth order, gender, and nature and are always passed down from family.

I also saw that my father's side contributed to this tragedy. The two timelines affecting me an my first 3 children were mental and family. Having no right, permission or ability to have and raise healthy children, 3 of my father's siblings died in childhood leaving grandmother quiet and often very inward as she struggled through her very difficult life. The death of 3 children at a young age affected the mental timeline, and the loss of mine also at an extremely young age. The extreme poverty was to blame for no medical care and no ability to save the beloved children, which affected me with extreme health issues. I appeared in court at 96 pounds hanging on for dear life, unable to get a lawyer. I ultimately got a terrible legal aid attorney who did nothing for me.

There is much to know and learn about, and from, timelines, as well as spirals, the non linear progression of time as well as the future events that are affecting you negatively.

Learn more about timelines:

It is my sincere hope you will join me for this incredible training as we learn about ourselves and the how and why of things, gaining power to end all timeline events and be divinely self directed in all future happenings!