Fill Your Emotional Tank

Fill Your Emotional Tank

written by: Mrs. Diana Rickman
by: Mrs. Diana Rickman
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For the past 3 years in the small city of Napier in New Zealand a wonderful group of volunteers have staged a health and Wellness event in honour of Nelson Mandela day. Coaches, therapists and practitioners from all sorts of modalities gather together to offer free treatments and consultations to the general public and groups perform and demonstrate yoga, Qigong and ethnic dancing in what has become a joyful celebration of giving and receiving.

This was the third event I've taken part in and each year has been better than the last. I'm a Emotional Strength coach and an Emotional Freedom Technique specialist primarily helping men create strong, loving relationships and at first I wondered how I could add value at such an event.

As I set up my simple table I admit I felt a little intimidated by the fancy massage tables and stalls around me. What followed for me was an amazing day of connection, healing, release, clarity, confidence building and joy. I was humbled to meet so many inspiring people all looking for ways to support themselves through rehab, anxiety or illness. All taking a stand for their own health and wellness. I got to share the technique I love almost non-stop and received some wonderful feedback.

The venue was special too. Looking out at the Pacific ocean I could watch the waves rolling in and spotted the occasional seal coming into shore for a rest, it was magical.

As I left the venue I felt tired but my emotional tank was full and I stopped to chat with a few other practitioners. Some of them were complaining about the clients they had and how they hadn't been able to create any sales leads from the event. Then I walked past two women waiting for their turn with a practitioner who was running a little behind her schedule. They were complaining about having to wait. The event had now officially closed but this practitioner was carrying on so that everyone who had booked an appointment would be seen.

It struck me it's all about perspective, there I was walking out feeling tired but exhilarated thinking about what I had gained but in the midst of all this giving and generosity there were still people who focused on loss.

How are you living your life? Even on the tough days there's something to be thankful for. You can still be a realist but please remember joy and gratitude too.

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written by: Mrs. Diana Rickman

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