Financial Trauma: The trauma that negatively affects your Money every day

Financial Trauma: The trauma that negatively affects your Money every day

written by: Yolanda Vargas Perera
by: Yolanda Vargas Perera
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You may have Financial Trauma and not even know it.

If you are struggling with your money and finances, no matter how hard you work, or if you just can't seem to break through a low financial set point, you might logically think that something that you are doing, or not doing is the problem.

The real problem may actually be caused by unresolved Financial Trauma that may have happened to you many years ago, or even to an ancestor and is still affecting you every single day without your understanding why.

So what does Financial Trauma look like? The bottom line is that it is a massive loss personal to you and concerning your money and or support in life, and that you may have had no control over.

This can take many forms such as: Divorce, Loss of a Job or pay cuts, Loss of a Home (Foreclosure), Effects of Natural Disasters (hurricanes, flood, fires etc.), Debt, Bad investments or stock market losses just to name a few.

Because the devastating effects of Financial Trauma can be inherited, you may still be affected by something that happened to your parents, grand parents or even great grandparents.

The body's Central Nervous System will react in an hyper arousal (fight or flight) or a hypo arousal (freeze or shut down) every time you think about money or finances.

Thanks to scientific advances in our understanding of how trauma affects the body, the way out of this vicious cycle is through the neuroplastic properties of the brain, along with cutting edge mind-body techniques that will help you to release the stored trauma of these events and choose a better outcome for yourself and the ones you love.

Until it is seen and resolved, Financial Trauma acts as a massive leak in your pipeline to the abundant universe, and it is costing you profoundly every single day. Affirmations or positive thoughts might help temporarily. But these cannot give you and the ones you love the solid ground you need and deserve as a foundation for your life.

My unique qualifications to do this work powerfully and with rock solid results are 15 years of experience in the Financial Industry culminating as Vice President of Marketing for one of the nation's most prestigious stock market analysis firms. I am also a survivor of multiple financial trauma. While I was studying for my certification, my income increased 70% in one year without even trying. Why? Because I was identifying and releasing the negative mind-body effects that continued to exist in my nervous system years after the events had occurred. Once treated, my income increase was simply a natural result of this work.

If I can achieve this you can too. I am thrilled to offer private and group coaching through my website at

I am also hosting a Financial Trauma Workshop in Naples, FL next Wednesday, November the 15th. We'll be learning how Financial Trauma continues to sabotage our efforts even years after the traumatic event has passed. We'll also be releasing the stored negative mind-body effects in order to free more energy so that you can create more of what YOU want with power, grace and ease.

For more information and to join us in person, please visit

If there is someone that you know who has experienced Financial Trauma in the form of a personal loss resulting in devastating financial effects, please consider sharing our information with them. By sharing, you could be instrumental in changing a life and even saving it as well.

To your peace of mind through your financial healing and success,

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