First steps into Divine Consciousness

First steps into Divine Consciousness

written by: Mrs. Jeanne Jessica A.
by: Mrs. Jeanne Jessica A.
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Since a few years now, there is an awakening going on for many, all around the world. People start to realize that they are more than just that "human body", that there is a lot more beyond the limitations they were taught. They discover that there are other potentials and possibilities, new ways of living, new ways of being.

What people now discover is that they are not a human being who has a Soul. They discover now more and more that they ARE that Soul - and that as that Soul, they are having a physical body.

They start to realize that they are Divine Beings, living in a physical body. They see: they are spiritual Beings - having a physical experience on planet Earth.

And together with this comes the first step into their Divine Consciousness. Of course, there is sometimes a kind of a resistance from the ego to that new idea. Because it has to let go of the old way of identification with the different roles it used to play out. But soon it will discover the beauty and the power that lays within that new consciousness: the idea of being Divine - and with this, being eternal.

What does it mean, how does it feel for you when you say to yourself " I AM eternal." ?

Yes, you were living somewhere else before this lifetime in this body. And you will go to new places after this lifetime. The idea of reincarnation is well-known in many different cultures all around the world.

When this idea of "being Divine" or "being eternal" is still a little new to you - give yourself time to meditate with it, to feel into it. Don't go there with your intellect, because the intellect can't show you this path. Divine Truth can only be discovered and experienced from an open heart.

At the beginning, a time of adaptation to that new consciousness is needed. Nobody can jump from the old limited human consciousness into the new consciousness within one single day. It will take a lot more time. It is a step-by-step discovery that is very unique to every single person, depending on their own Higher Divine Self. Each Soul is very unique, and therefore every path of awakening is very unique too.

One of the main reasons why all this takes time is that the physical body also needs time to adapt to that new, higher vibration from the Divine Self. The moment we start stepping into that new consciousness, is also the moment we start to be aware of our Higher Divine Self. This merging of the human and the Divine Self truly needs time and patience. If we are open, we discover a little bit more with every new day.

When one starts asking the question during meditation: "Who am I... ?" or maybe asks something like: " Dear God, show me what I need to know.. "—Divinity is going to start answering gently. And with time, during these daily meditations, more and more of the Divine consciousness is going to merge with the human being. Of course, at the same time, certain things in the daily life experiences are also going to change.

Discovering our own Divine Self (Soul) is a very sacred and beautiful process. After we have been through an inner cleaning process, our body is able to accept and handle more and more of that Divine Light. And we become more and more aware of our own Divine Self. Together with that, we develop more and more compassion - not only for others, but also for ourselves. We also find a new understanding of what Love truly is.

With time, we also find that it is not only a discovering of something new, but that the whole process is more one of "remembering" of who we truly are. We start to remember God, the Divine Source. We start to remember that we are all brothers and sisters from the one and same Divine Source. And with this, we let go of the different ideas of separation. And the more we can remember of the Divine Source, the more we feel love....

And that's why the daily practice of meditation is no longer like a duty, but more a beautiful and sacred moment of healing, of experiencing love and light - and we find there, with our own Divine Self, all we have been looking and longing for in the past.

When we consciously set the intent and invite our Divine Self, our Soul, more into ourselves, our world, our life, we will experience beautiful changes and healing. It is truly a reconnection with God, a feeling of coming home, a reunion with what we were longing and looking for during many lifetimes. It is almost not possible to find the right words to explain and describe the feeling of bliss we find. At the same time, the whole experience of awakening is so very unique to each one. It is like a finding of the source of water, after having been lost in a desert for years.

Yes, it can take a few years before one gets there—it is a process that is constantly evolving. Years of daily meditations, prayers and training. But do not let the impatience frustrate you. Every single day is precious on this path. Everybody first has to clean from within, because layer after layer of old emotions and illusions have to been cleaned out first. The ego has to let go, the mind has to surrender to Divine Source. And the distractions of the outer world has to been layed aside. Similar to what the monks do in the holy temples. The heart has to be truly honest and cleaned.

The Divine Source can't be fooled or cheated. There is no short-cut, no room for ego-games, and nobody can buy this with money. Ever single person has to do this work alone. Yes, others can serve you as guides, can help, can give you inspiration and insights. But then, we have to do the work and meditations ourselves.

Soon, your Higher Divine Self becomes your guide, your healer, your eternal source of Love. With this, you will understand what the Teachers said when they wrote: " The answers were always within you... . "

With time, we learn to listen within. It is not a listening with the ears, it is a listening with the heart...

Divine Blessings to You,

Jeanne Jessica A.