Fitness Starts in Your Mind

Fitness Starts in Your Mind

written by: Mrs. Ann Wooten-Taylor
by: Mrs. Ann Wooten-Taylor
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The battleground for successful and permanent weight loss is

fought primarily in your mind. When you

attend an Eating as an Act of Worship Weight Loss Class, this principle is taught in the very first lesson. Our lessons are referred to as "Concepts" because Romans 12:2 says not to conform to the world's teachings, meaning its beliefs, values, patterns, or systems, but to instead be changed, or rather, transformed by the renewing of your mind. In other words, God says that change begins from within which is contrary to the world's lie that all you have to do is perform a new task for thirty days in order to make it a habit. How many of you have faithfully stuck to a diet or exercise plan for thirty or more days and then gone back to your old eating habits? I can't tell you how many times I did while wandering in the Wilderness of Obesity.

The truth is that you are in a spiritual battle because your problem is rooted in sin, and the only way to be free from sin is through the Blood of Jesus Christ. When Jesus sets your mind free, then you will be able to think clearly because you will have the mind of Christ (Philippians 2:5) as it relates to eating and drinking for the glory of God instead of satisfying your latest cravings. When you are given a "sound mind" in that regard, then you will be able to test and discern the good and perfect will of God concerning food in accordance with Romans 12:2. That means you will not only want to eat for His glory, but He will empower you to actually stick with a diet and exercise plan by His Spirit! In sum, although the battlefield is your mind, the battle is spiritual. In other words, the battle is the Lord's. Stop fighting against Him, and you will finally start to win!