For What We Need Protection?

For What We Need Protection?

written by: Mr. Rudi Zimmerer
by: Mr. Rudi Zimmerer
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For what we need Protection?

Who is afraid of death his life is already lost. (Wittgenstein).

Our mind is programmed through our nature to survive under all circumstances. That is normally good, on the other hand, it is seldom that we need such survival mechanism. Instinctive our mind is looking in every situation, how he can protect us or what is the safest way, even it is almost not necessary. Through this, over protection, we lose our fun, excitement in our life.

For instance, we connect with our darling, and we are afraid to lose our love or darling. Then we ask maybe: do you still love me... And through our questioning of the love, we will lose fast the love of our darling...

All these overprotection and perfect-ism will lead to failure...

Life is a risk, and that is good so.

We can easily recognize that the insurances, governments, religions, corporations, parents, like to make us fear to get us in their boat... to squeeze us out... To live fearlessly is much cheaper!

What said my friend so nice, I had never fear or money... Without money, we can't buy protection, and we are much freer. This was also the intention from Buddha (to surrender to be homeless, no protection!) or Jesus (Look the birds, they don't care for tomorrow, and still the Lord will feed them every day!). This means to surrender to God! Or the Koran is saying: Be afraid only of Allah!

If we go one step further, all fears are a fear of death and to lose our control. We should embrace the death, instead to fear the death. Everybody will pass by, so for what the fear of death? It sounds easy, and for most people, it is not easy to embrace the death. Never less I don't have belief in death, after 3 times clinical dead and the last research from the Germans, that there is no death... at the end is the link...

The fear of losing control... Actually, we don't have anything under our control, even not our body, mind, and feelings... We can die every moment, and we could even not chose our birth, our parents, our brothers, and sisters...

Still, in every being, this means also the animals is the desire to control their environment, friends... A normal cat or dog will try again and again to control us... So we should give up this also and be happy that we can try our best to get the best results... all the other things are under the control of God... On God blessings everything depends...

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