written by: Mr. Rich Okun
by: Mr. Rich Okun
Friends Friends

In the beginning

there was one;

and each day,

when just begun,

maps physical laws at play,

that in every turning of the sun,

we must all obey.

Then there was two,

when-along comes a friend,

and because I met you,

paths entangle to extend.

From who you are and,

from who you have been,

with nothing planned

in the journeys you begin.

That every friend and each day,

marks special in its own way,

helps attend to and transcend,

the simply ordinary - 'just okay'.

Both, reveal themselves,

in the fullness of time;

both, divine expressions

of life's rhythm and rhyme.

And what I want to say,

is thank you

for each and every day,

and especially

for a friendship so true.

Quite frankly;

I want to thank you for you!

written by: Mr. Rich Okun

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