Full Body Ownership the Journey of Apprenticing

Full Body Ownership the Journey of Apprenticing

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Journey of apprenticeship Journey of apprenticeship

As we rapidly approach our September start school month my thoughts turn to our Apprentices and ~Contact.FirstName~ maybe you're also thinking of committing to this journey. To be an Apprentice in our academy means you'll move through all the areas of our master chart and have the opportunity to learn, grow and clear each and everything that we know and understand to be a block to full body ownership over the course of 1 to 5 years.

The work keeps evolving and expanding as the years progress and now in the 9th year of trainings, I've been at the work of helping folks heal their bodies, minds and emotions for 27 years! As the Academy has flourished through these years I have, with my wonderful team members, developed standards of excellence that set our trainings apart from other quantum trainings, ways of being of service I feel are quite extraordinary.

For example Flexibility. Our programs are presented live on both a live stream video and audio. Within an hour or two following the training it's available to participate via home study with all the chart and slides presented in the training in our wonderful membersite and within one week, all Apprentice trainings are transcribed. This makes participation from anywhere in the world with some knowledge of American English a doable opportunity.

Transparency! As I've grown as a mentor, I've been able to map out such incredible detail about how we use the language of clearing. These details are now presented freely to our Apprentices, charts, master charts, and explanations for every detail of how we clear, do cellular neogenesis and DNA obliteration as well as how to properly do the quantum pump techniques are mapped out.

Doing things Differently! Over the past 5 years with the advent of the livestream presentations, where we could really open this incredible base of knowledge to a global community I've worked towards a fun, safe comfortable format of presentation, filled with love, wisdom, fun and freedom! This past year has been deep in mapping so there have been many new ideas to contemplate, learn from and evolve too. We sing our way through the tough clearings, many good changes have been made during trainings in the blueprint and most importantly students are indeed enjoying miraculous transformation and profound healing!

Mentoring. As an Apprentice you have my ear, and my guidance. Where perhaps in other schools of learning where you're gathering your information from a teacher who will talk at you, deliver their knowledge (often what they've learned from the writings of others), test you on what you've learned and send you on your way when you've completed the coursework, I do not teach this way. I am your mentor, I have your back, I have been in the depths of human suffering myself, struggled with the worst of health conditions, confusing emotions and financial despair, even homelessness and found my path of liberation through the ancient now remembered knowledge of the quantum field human blueprint, quantum pump and of course partnership with the Divine. I'm not standing in front of you as a talking head, relaying something I learned in a book, I'm standing behind you cheering you on, knowing and believing you too can find your way to liberation from what I've been able to glean from the unseen world.

Being an Apprentice is an incredible privilege and opportunity. Most of our first year graduates excitedly go on to a second and even third year, once you've gotten into the depth of transformation we offer in the academy, you understand you're clearing life times of oppression and are delighted to continue in trainings as your frequency continues to raise up and your joy and full self expression become a new higher and more wonderful way of life!