Garnet….. The Crystal..Purification and Detoxification

Garnet….. The Crystal..Purification and Detoxification

written by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
Garnet crystal Garnet crystal

I Have been attracted to Red lately, especially Red Vegetables.

Today I chose garnet as my Crystal for my reading.

A beautiful REd Colour which is for Purification and detoxification.Its time to Release physical and energetic toxins from your life!!What a rush of RED RED RED

All in good faith

We cleanse to Start a clean slate

Many Reasons to Start over

Its Refreshing and clean

Its Empowering and Powerful

Some things don't last forever

So let go

Let God in to your world

He is inside always

Listen to what messages he sends you

They are simple but

So very very effective

See as he sees

Speak as he speaks

The Ruby Red garnet

A sign to be Purified

Your cells replenish

This is going on

All The Time

So be Bright, New, Change is


For Everyone.

And so it is.

By Margie Kugler copyright 2018