Get Caught

Get Caught

written by: Mark Janssen
by: Mark Janssen

Catch yourself doing what you expect and what the rest of the world does not. If there is somebody you work with who doesn't like you, say good morning to them. If you run into

somebody at the store you don't like, say hello. You know how to do what society expects of you. Now do what you expect of yourself. Meanwhile, you get the pleasure of shocking others.

Make sure that you are the only person who knows what you are doing and why. Be realistic with yourself. If you know a person who behaves badly or is just plain evil, you want nothing to do with them. Steer clear.

You don't want to deal with negative people. You want to be as far away as possible from people who are evil and work to spread evil.

Trust me.

I know.

I've spent years around them. A psychic friend of mine and I were talking about a couple of people I knew. I used to see them on a daily basis. They spewed hate. They treated others with rudeness and incivility. They were the very incarnation of evil. There was a lot I was not saying about them when my friend looked at me in absolute astonishment and exclaimed that they were from the devil. They spent their lives doing evil because they belonged to Satan.

She was right. I just nodded and continued to plod along through the times when I saw them. I would surround myself and others with angels while inoculating the evil people in a circle of grace and light. Whenever I did have contact, I made certain to call upon God and the holy angels to protect me. The angels wrapped their wings and arms around me. God sent a circle of grace to protect me. It hindered the abilities of the evil people to create more havoc. That went on until the day I no longer had contact with them.

We need to pray for such people. We also need to pray for the people who are in contact with them, whether momentarily or on a daily basis. Everybody needs our prayers, especially those for whom we least desire to pray.

The unworthy are the most worthy. They are also the most in need.

Throughout the history of the world there have been families, businesses and countries where the person who is supposed to lead them is evil, insane or incompetent. In spite of that, families, businesses and countries continue. The ordinary people carry the burden of going forward in spite of having someone called leader who is incapable of leading. This has not disappeared from our world. We go on because good men and women carry all of us forward by the grace of their prayers and example.

Nobody needs to catch you doing good for another person, whether that person is good, evil or otherwise. Do good because you need to catch yourself doing good. You need to be the person who helps the one who seems like they least need help.

The person who brags, who is loud and obnoxious and rude needs your help. The person slowly imploding from angst and despair needs your prayers. The person who is loud or quiet, laughing or unbearably quiet, needs the strength of your soul to reach out to the sadness of their soul.

You are the person who has the ability to change the world. When you think to yourself, what can I do? that is the beginning of when you can take action.

Be present.

Be positive.

Be alert to the needs of the world.

Never shirk yourself, either. Be aware of the need you have for prayers. Pray for yourself. Keep conscious of your own need for love. Love yourself. Feed the pain you feel and the pain of others with unending tenderness.

Humans are a most difficult species. Love yourself anyway. Love the people you know and the people you will never meet. Send out constant love. Reach out.

Reach out in gratitude for who you are. Reach out because you can. Reach out because you are worthy of doing good for yourself and others.

It doesn't matter if somebody else catches you doing good. The only thing in this life that will ever matter is if you catch yourself reaching out to others in need of you.

written by: Mark Janssen

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