Getting it Right; Social Media For Business is Not What You Think

Getting it Right; Social Media For Business is Not What You Think

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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with Julie Renee Doering, Creator of "Accelerate Wealth From the Inside Out" and Don Crowther Social Media Expert

It is not about relationships and conversations anymore. That's right. The latest trend is recommendation and trust enhancement.

I heard Don Crowther say those words and it all made sense. You can't influence your audience by talking about boating at Uncle Bill's cabin or what happened with the Giants' game.

1097% growth, with ten million currently on board; if you haven't gotten on Pinterest yet, you need to join the wave. This is especially true if your intention is to influence your followers and connections. Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social media tool in the U.S.

Women love Pinterest. The site has you select things you like and pin them for folks to see. So your fashion choices, your new living room furniture, and the car you hope to purchase, you "pin" as a like. This site is so popular with women, who are responsible for 85% of consumer spending and 58% of the dollars spent online. Pinterest is influencial social media/marketing.

Don describes Pinterest as the aspirational site. It's where people share what they are passionate about. Tip One – Blog, the more the better.

3 Tips You Need To Know Today About Using Your Social Media Plan To Accelerate Wealth

The most successful blogs have 5 to 15 entries a day. Of course these sites have a team of people providing content, one time a week is just not enough.

When you blog, pin it on Pinterest, post it to all your social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and other affinity groups you belong to. When you post it on the blog itself remind people to pin it. Remind them to share it. You have to actually help remind people what to do.

Work Pinterest: Write 50 tips on your expertise and put the quote on a photo.

For each tip write a blog post explaining the tip.

Then post the photo tip with the URL for the blog post on the subject and put it everywhere. Be sure to put " Healing Tip #14" or whatever your tip is so you create an expectation that there are more helpful tips to discover.

Offer a special gift certificate for 20% "Tell me if you found me on Pinterest and you will get a 20% discount on my program" and call it Internet Special.

Tip 2 – Post multiple tips per day

As Don delivered this messaged the lady in the seat next to me, she groaned loudly and squirmed uncomfortably in her chair. Hold onto your seats because here is Don's million dollar strategy, and if you are really committed to getting there, there's no short cut. However, posting gets much easier when you learn how it's done and share others' great content also.

Make 5 to 15 daily posts on Twitter It is a stream of consciousness. Post the same thing different times a day as your post drops done and then becomes lost in the running stream.

Mega-Curate This is a librarian's advice; Don and I have that in common. I also worked in a library, and coincidentally in the same position he held. He said find the article or book and recommend the 2 chapters or the 3 articles found on this site, or watch this video by so and so. So you are discerning and helping them skip through the fluff because you are the expert.

Post 1-5 times on Facebook over the course of the day Do Not post all at once and think you're done for the day. Remember this is a stream of consciousness. For folks who have a lot of active friends posting, your post drops down as new posts are up. Strive to be both helpful and on top of minds.

Tip 3 – Make Video Tips

Videos are a 1-5 minute tip or review, and at the end include a specific offer like, "to get more videos to help you do __[such and such] __" These free videos are connected with an opt-in page, driving folks to your list. My Meeting with Don I had a chance to visit with Don after his presentation. He is an enthusiastic man who is really interested in having people take the leap. He had asked the question how many of you said 3 years ago you would never do blah blah and now you are doing it. Well that was certainly me a few years back. I would not go on the Internet and I would let 5 or 8 weeks go by, not checking my email.

  • 1 blog daily
  • 1-3 posts to Pinterest daily
  • 2 video tips on YouTube weekly

Social Media Expert, Don Crowther on stage at James Malinchak event

Well, my life and lifestyle have changed so much in the past 4 years. I have gotten on board and am online everywhere. And guess what, if you have a message to share you may think it isn't that important, but it is. The world is changing; connection and enrollment for ideas and programs is handled in an entirely new way.

I would love to help you shift your ability to welcome change and grow your wealth. You can use my Accelerate Wealth Program to create shifts in your consciousness around wealth and learning new technology. Make your 'mock-ups' easy to relate to for technology and rapid income. And watch your life and message catapult you into the global community.

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