Getting Your Message to Millions

Getting Your Message to Millions

written by: Ms. Jackie Lapin
by: Ms. Jackie Lapin
Lady speaker, caucasion  (large) Lady speaker, caucasion  (large)

If you have a passion to change people's lives and you have created a pathway for them to grow, change, heal or prosper, then you are one of the planet's elite messengers. Those of us who have answers have a calling to offer the solutions.

But to serve others and to grow and prosper yourself, you need to be visible. The most effective ways to connect with those new clients, students and prospects needing what you have is to get out and speak at venues, organizations and conferences, and to book yourself on radio shows, podcasts and virtual summits (online multi-day interview fests featuring multiple guest presenters.)

These activities are among the most high profile and effective ways to connect with people looking for answers for their dilemmas.

How do you ramp up these opportunities?

1. Develop a signature speech that will tell your story, relate to the audience, provide great content and wisdom to the audience, and then present your product or service (i.e the solution.)

2. Start presenting this locally to small groups so you can work out the kinks—to see what works and what doesn't. If you want a safe place to learn and try out your material, look to the local Toastmasters. But if you'd really like to take a leap forward quickly, you may want to enroll with one of the many excellent speaker-trainers who help people craft their talks and then prefect their stage presentation.

3. Make sure you have a contemporary website with horizontal formatting, lots of graphics and limited text before you start reaching out. The first thing a booker will do is check your website and if you have a 10–year-old website, it will hinder your "bookability."

4. You will need to create a professional looking "speaker one-sheet" that communicates your value to the booker's audience, your qualifications and your compelling presentation topics.

5. You will want to commit at least three hours each week to finding appropriate speaking opportunities either in your community locally or with conferences, associations, or other out-of-town possibilities that specifically serve your genre or industry. Develop a tracking system that prompts you with reminders of when to re-contact each booker, and records any notes from the conversation

6. You might also subscribe to services like SpeakerTunity that provide booking contacts directly to you so that you can reduce your research time substantially.

7. Consider enrolling in low-cost online speaker-matching services to locate additional speaking opportunities. Don't expect a ton of leads here, but every now and then you might pick up a nice little jewel.

8. If you have the available staff or virtual assistant who can do this outreach to you, then train them in how to present you. However, if you are looking to find what used to be called "booking agents"—people who book speakers for either a fee or commission, there are a limited few still around, and they seek speakers with a track record for delivering keynotes. If you haven't a history of high-paying keynotes, you'll likely be searching in vain. You are best to do it yourself or train your own team.

9. Get visible! Get out into the community, attend meetings, networking groups and conferences where people gather that might book you for their events.

10. When it comes to virtual outreach, you will want to create a compelling radio/podcast pitch letter and a media kit that will showcase you powerfully for the radio shows and podcasts in your genre. Emails to virtual summit hosts will require more specific targeting based on the subject matter of that particular summit, along with specific criteria to convince the host that you are ideal promotional partner.

11. Make sure you have the assets you will need for these virtual opportunities—hard copy books to send to show hosts and producers (they prefer them to ebooks), free digital gifts that encourage people to opt into your email list, and an easy way to buy or enroll in what you offer.

12. Research radio shows and podcasts that are a demographic match for your target market. Look at such listings as iTunes, iHeartRadio, VoiceAmerica, Blogtalk, local broadcast stations and specialty internet radio networks that cater to your market segment. It is likely that you may find the show there, but you might have to do a search for the host's personal or business website to find contact information. If you're looking for virtual summits, your best bet is SpeakertunitySummits.

13. To make avert any butterflies or anxiousness about what you might be asked, provide the host in advance questions you want to be asked, and then privately write out the answers so that you know how you want to answer them.

14. Have fun! Delivering a message from your heart, about content you know, to an audience anxious to find answers should be a joyful experience. When you are excited, enthusiastic and authentic, they can't help but love you!

written by: Ms. Jackie Lapin

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