Givers Have a Hard Time Receiving

Givers Have a Hard Time Receiving

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
Givers have a hard time receiving 2 Givers have a hard time receiving 2

"...givers have a hard time receiving..." ~ Activating Compassion ~

Givers are really an interesting breed to say the least. In some ways they are much more connected with their true nature. In other ways, they can also often be very passive aggressive.

When giving doesn't come truly unconditional, even if the condition is recognition; there is a strong discomfort with receiving. There are many pieces behind this from givers, tend to not want people to give out of obligation or a need to exchange. Most givers, also are maintaining a sense of control through their giving; and are actually, often times suspicious and hesitant to receive from others. This is a result of early programming that taught them that when they receive from others there are always strings attached in some way.

It is important that givers find those that they are able to receive from; however, they are likely to do best when the receiving comes random. They do better with the pay it forward energy patterns; such as they do something for someone, and that person then gives to someone else, and the original giver receives from someone else all together.

When giver's discount a gift saying things like "you didn't have to do that" they are then often times people that are struggling with self-esteem or self-worth patterns; and thus looking for others to validate that they are worth receiving. This is actually a passive-aggressive pattern, most of the time; where they maintain control by using these phrases, secretly thinking of course you needed to give something. Also, they will use this when they do not feel that the gift is enough for what they have done; and thus reject it and place themselves in a "victim" space.

These can be some nasty enough and worthy patterns if we let them go there. Taking time to really check in with why we are giving; and if we have expectations or attachments to our giving can be important. True giving is not concerned with what it is giving; because it knows that the gift doesn't need to come back from the person being given to.

If you are one that has simply just been uncomfortable with receiving from others, take it in small steps. Find those that you will allow to give to you, and accept graciously. Remember, others need to give as much as you need to receive; do not deprive them of this experience if they are truly giving in a no strings attached manner.

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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