Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
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Good Vibrations

Vibrations: an oscillation of the parts of a fluid or an elastic solid whose equilibrium has been disturbed.

The stimulation of waves on the different areas of the body, refreshes and rejuvenates. life.

To touch, To be sensual, To be fulfilled, To embrace, To communicate To see, To be US.

These vibrations are the vibrations of our organic bodies which respond to stimulation by sacred waves. The vibrations are no different than, (Do rei mi fa so la ti do), only more subtle, but non the less real.i We can stimulate these vibrations by mantra, or listen to them in quiet meditation. Listening to them creates a perspective beyond hearing, enlightenment by delight. Not just a play on words, but a deep vibration stimulating life at multiple levels. Nature talking to US while we are quietly aware.

The chakras are vibrational frequencies raequired to maintain life. Each chakra initiates and maintains a life force of the multiple dimensions of the human being human. As ancient as time the chakras have been the source of our investigation of ourselves.

How do we function at all levels? We are mobile, sexual, hungry, feeling, communicating, seeing and simply attending to the needs of all of these.

A multi processing machine designed by itself. A multi processing, ever present, dimension of reality which is available to communicate with us at multiple frequencies. . A primary vibration, the tick of time, initiates the measuring tool of life. The emptiness of space allows the fullness to expand into boundlessness. The nature of our being is as simple as nature - whatever we need is a gift of nature, while whatever we want is man made.

The nature of our being is as dynamic as the nature around us. The chakras are simply natures expression of US (Universal Souls).

Our chakras, drives us to find them, we look, search, dwell, until we find our selves,

Looking back, then we can see the need for their presence, taking responsibility for our presence, we overcame our obstacles. We get lighter by removing our obstacles, so we can get higher and approach the divine. When we can see the minuscule presence of our ego, removing this perspective, then we see, not listen.

The seer has to have a higher perspective or nothing would be communicated. Removing our cells, from delusional processing is our own responsibility.

Detours from our journey, are from believing, we are not worthy of our birth rite.

The rite, a ritual to be our cells, daily, not easy but fulfilling. Our consciousness, waits for an endeavor mature enough, to participate in as functionally well.

Well enough, to know how little is needed to be well, and how much can be shared, to evolve to a caring level.

Trust an emotion of caring, exposes our need of the other.

Trust, brings allegiance from the heart, determination in our single focus, and clarity in our union. Expressing from our caring, we can see the gift with clarity, knowing, now needed to be for the collective wellness.

Our job is mature participation!

written by: Al Duval

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