Growing Sustainable Children; and,  Schools Worthy of Our Affection

Growing Sustainable Children; and,  Schools Worthy of Our Affection

written by: Bruce Dickson
by: Bruce Dickson
208 graduates 208 graduates

Team Human K-12 Teacher Training;

Waldorf 2.0 for Public Schools;

Local Assembly Required


To the heartfelt, community-building spirit of Insight Seminars and

especially Teen Insight:

Eugene Schwartz, our most inspiring, most public and effective, outside-the-box, Progressive Waldorf thinker and innovator.

To all the loving beings in Soul and Above who supported the effort over the endless obstacles and doubts. I could always count on them to show me where the mss was weakest and most needed attention.

To all those who for 100 years created 'Waldorf inside-the-box,' those who began thinking outside the Waldorf-box; and, all those educators, known and unknown who, oblivious to Waldorf, innovated workable pieces of K-12 education, converging it with with Emotional Intelligence and Best Practices in Healthy Group Process.

quote Where there is no vision, the children perish ~ adapted from the Greek, 500 BC

Welcome to the second hundred years of Waldorf K-12 education. Public Waldorf-methods teachers and trainees warmly welcomed here.

Join Team Human A theme for a second hundred years of Waldorf

The second hundred years of Waldorf is likely to be about converging Best Practices of Classic Waldorf; with, Best Practices from outside the 'Waldorf box.' Most of these are going to be in the area of Emotional Intelligence. We'll discuss it.

This seems the likely direction Progressive K-12 ed theory-method will evolve. I propose we make this a project of the second hundreds years of Waldorf I propose we call this project 'Team Human K-12 education.

quote I propose TH K-12 success be measured in graduates who are first:

- Emotionally Intelligent, self-propelled problem-solvers, second

quote - Who are also cooperative-collaborative, willing and able to play on a team or lead a team.

Of course, the next hundred years in K-12 outside of Waldorf is likely to be primarily about converging what's workable from Waldorf into public sector schools, as desired, possible and permitted locally.

Team Human K-12 can only benefit schools. Whoever wants to play on the Team is welcome.

quote The future is already here, it's just not yet evenly distributed ~ William Gibson, author Neuromancer

To unpack this a bit, small numbers of people today, are already experimenting and applying the things, mainstream masses will be doing decades from now. The way personal computing spread out from small garage experimenters.

In this Team Human K-12 project, we do discuss better boundaries between adult needs for religion-metaphysics and parent needs to be solely in control of the spiritual path of their children.

Q: What if I already DISlike Classic Waldorf?

A: No problem. As Eugene Schwartz said at the start of a live talk to a group of new parents, heard on YouTube, "All the myths you've heard about Waldorf—good and bad—they're ALL TRUE."

Adults can screw up. You can always choose again. What's your new choice? Get to your next healthy choice. schools as Team Human schools ~ Proposes a theme for the second 100 years: Team Human. This means much more explicit, practical and curriculum attention to Emotional Intelligence, interpersonal competency and USA Best Practices in group process facilitating. The goal? To make the second hundred years of Classic Waldorf and Public Waldorf schools more fertile seedbeds of social renewal and for live, local intentional community.

How this book is organized

A book, composed of three shorter volumes:

Growing Sustainable Children; and, Schools Worthy of Our Affection

Subtitles: Team Human K-12 Teacher Training; Waldorf 2.0 for Public Schools; Local Assembly Required.

First book I know of on Waldorf theory-methods for public charter Waldorf teachers, and trainees.

First effort I know of proposing themes for the second 100 years of Waldorf ed. Corrections welcomed. primarily for teacher trainees, I hope it also usefully outlines ideas for Team Human parent education. Feel free to be creative with these topics in your local Tribe. self-evaluate, in light of missed opportunities to incorporate more of Emotional Intelligence and Best Practices from outside of Waldorf, in USA personal growth developments (1970-2005). Periods as the key insight Sensitive Periods is the biggest, invisible, Unconscious Pattern, worth knowing about, relevant to every system of pre-K-12 ed. Divided into three SECTIONS:

  1. Composed
  2. An appreciation AND a challenge to Classic Waldorf schools to
  3. Highlights the Goethean Psychology pattern of Sensitive

Part ONE ~ Theme of Team Human K-12 ed. Couple introductions. "What is Real work for Children?" Lays out the 100-year-old wisdom of Sensitive Periods and how our Outer Game of Life as a child, becomes our Inner Game of Life—as an adult.

Part TWO ~ "What is Real work for Teachers & Teacher-trainees?" Annotated short history of childhood. Annotated short summaries of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and related Best Progressive K-12 Practices from outside Classic Waldorf.

Part THREE ~ What is Real work for Parents and Everyone at a school? "Classic Waldorf is primarily characterized by its metaphors" (UNESCO). Waldorf metaphors universally useful. School as a person. School as a Commons. WHO do we graduate? Conclusions.

How to create clear daylight between Anthroposophy and your public-sector Waldorf school; thru, better boundaries. Gently and directly addresses overlapping but still distinct adult (parent, teacher, admin) needs for a metaphysical path, tradition, practice in their own life; and, the adult need as parents to be prime determiners of their child's aspirational life. As Waldorf permutates into more and more forms, confusion in this area is likely to grow. Suggestions are given for solutions at the local level. I think of every school as more like a river than as an institution. You know what they say about rivers? You can't walk thru the same river twice.

School as a river

The quality of any single school is always a moving target, changing every year.

The more good schools you can go to, and tour physically, while they are in session, the better. One of the great assets I had to work with, to write this, was an unusual tour of 25 Waldorf schools and 150 public schools, mostly inner city schools, 250 classrooms in these schools I estimate. On top of this, I've taken classes from 13 bricks and mortar colleges and universities.

If you are teaching or going into K-12 teaching, manifesting more Team Human schools, will require your personal participation.

The vast majority of the knowledge-base and literature already exists for this project. Local assembly will always be required to conform to local consensus on values.

TEAM HUMAN, A Theme for a second hundred years of Waldorf Douglas Rushkoff podcast

Team Human book coming Dec. 2018

I propose Team Human K-12 success be measured in graduates who are:

- Emotionally Intelligent, self-propelled problem-solvers, and

- Who are also cooperative-collaborative, willing and able to play on a team or lead a team.

Except for 1000 Waldorf schools worldwide; and, 100 fledgling intentional communities, we have too few practical seedbeds alternative to dystopia.

In 2016 Douglas Rushkoff began discussing "Team Human" as a Story of Restoration thru his podcast

The meme is more clear in contrast to "Team Machine."

Briefly, corporate-consumer culture 1980-2017 has been programming people to conform to technology. This is cart-before-the-horse.

Horse-in-front-of-cart, pulling cart, is organizing local learning communities, to nurture whole human beings. Then employ technology to serve projects based on those values. QUOTE Author, media theorist, and professor Douglas Rushkoff has contributed numerous pages to the Team Human playbook.

His many books including Program or Be Programed, Present Shock, and Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus. All these look deep into the question of reprogramming society to better serve humans. ...

...a relentlessly

controlled and

top-down society.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Autonomous technologies, runaway markets and weaponized media seem to have overturned civil society, paralyzing our ability to think constructively, connect meaningfully, or act purposefully.

It feels as if civilization itself were on the brink, and we lack the collective willpower and coordination necessary to address issues of vital importance to the very survival of our species.

The simplest way to understand and change our predicament is to recognize being human is a team sport. We cannot be fully human, alone.

Anything bringing us together fosters our humanity. Likewise, anything separating us makes us less human, less able to exercise our will.

Team Human is a podcast striving to amplify human connection. Each week we engage in real-time, no-holds-barred discussions with people who are hacking the machine to make it more compatible with human life. We are helping redefine what it means to stay human in a digital age.

[from the just-prior version of this same website page:] understanding history of how we got to where we are now. It requires a shift in values, in perception, in the way we understand what it means to be a human being. corporate marketplace does – in terms of our 'utility value' – then all is surely lost before we begin. Machines will always have greater utility value than humans. People are an impediment to a marketplace where assets are abstractions ... [For example] to the market, financial derivatives on water rights and paid water use are worth a whole lot more than water itself. ... buy that. And I know a lot of you don't either. It's time we forge the solidarity we need to press for the human agenda – without shame or embarrassment. and ambiguous way. The markets and technologies we've created are not new gods. They are not our replacements, but mechanisms we've constructed to make our lives better, more just, and more meaningful. [The cart needs to be behind the horse not in front.] why I'm engaging in real-time, no-holds-barred discussions with people who are hacking the machine to make it more compatible with human life, helping redefine what it means to stay human in a digital age. Members of Team Human include debt activists Astra Taylor and Tom Gokey, Yes-man Andy Bichlbaum, co-op organizer Esteban Kelly, DNA artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Fairphone founder Bas Van Abel, Tony winning playwright JT Rogers, and counterculture pioneer R.U. Sirius and so many more, including, hopefully, you. both as a listener and as a human teammate. It's not too late to reclaim planet Earth for its people, to give land and labor a voice along with capital, to share our best strategies for mutual aid, environmental sustainability, and economic justice.

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