Guided Visualization

Guided Visualization

written by: Frances O'Brien
by: Frances O'Brien
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Guided Visualization is a technique many hypnotherapists use with their clients, and one you can easily incorporate into your life to bring about the changes you want.

You're always thinking about something: either remembering a past event, focusing on what's happening now, or planning for the future. Even if you're certain that you want to make an improvement to your life (losing excess weight, for example, or reducing stress), your subconscious mind is quite likely to resist because it doesn't like change.

What you have on your side, though, is the fact that your subconscious doesn't know the difference between what's real and what's imagined. Guided Visualization allows your subconscious to believe that it's experiencing the change, discovering that it's perfectly safe, and, so, it's more likely to allow the change to occur.

Here are some quick, easy steps to using Guided Visualization most effectively.

  1. Do it when and where you can be free of distractions. Silence all your devices. Make your body as relaxed and comfortable as you can be. It's better not to lay on your bed, because you already have an association with sleeping there. If you have no other option, prop yourself up with pillows and lay differently than you do when you sleep.
  2. Close your eyes and take in three long, slow deep breaths. Imagine that, as your exhale, you're releasing tension, stress and negativity. Visualize yourself walking down a flight of 20 steps slowly, counting backward with each step as you do.
  3. At zero, envision yourself in front of a beautiful closed door. On the other side of that door is your life as you want it to be, with the change you want to bring into it. Know that you are safe and secure.
  4. Open the door, step inside, and allow yourself to experience what your improved life is like. Notice any sensory experiences: colors, shapes, sizes, volumes, textures. Who else might be there with you? What's the same and what's different now that the change has happened?
  5. When you're done, count up to five and, on five, open your eyes as you think, "Eyes open, wide awake!" Repeat it until you feel wide awake.

Spending a few minutes doing this on a daily basis will make you more likely to be successful. Best of all, it feels really good! Guided Visualization can help you to achieve the life of your desires. If you try it on your own and don't see much improvement, consider booking a session with a qualified hypnotherapist.

written by: Frances O'Brien

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