Happy Heart Health Month

Happy Heart Health Month

written by: Mrs. Kerry Madgwick
by: Mrs. Kerry Madgwick
Heart health month Heart health month

In a lifetime the hearts pumps about one million barrels of

blood! Your blood vessels stretch over 100,000 miles that further than London to New York – so let me ask you: How are

you protecting your heart Health?

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the world. About 17.9 million people die of cardiovascular disease in the world every year - in the U.K. alone, about 348,000 people die of cardiovascular disease. Every 7 minutes someone in the U.K. will have a heart attack. Most people have no prior warning, which is why it is called a silent killer and only 1 in 2 people survive a heart attack. You're never too young - or too old - to take care of your cardiovascular system and you can make small changes every day to help prevent heart disease. To lower yourrisk:

1. Watch your weight

2. Quit smoking, and stay away from second hand smoke

3. Control your blood pressure

4. If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation

5. Get active and eat healthy

6. Repair and Heal your Microbiome – Healthy Gut, Healthy Heart

To lower my risk I follow the steps above and take ProArgi9+ everyday to protect my heart and improve my circulation. This year, I have pledged to raise awareness of Heart disease and its affects and I am riding 100 miles In the Prudential Ride London to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation. During Hearth Health month I am also encouraging everyone to celebrate their heart and it's amazing role in the body - it is your body's hardest working muscle after all and it deserves special care and attention!

If you would you like to find out more about taking care of your heart? I have a clinically and scientifically proven and effective programme that will help manage your heart health, as well as helping you with our quality of sleep, energy levels and overall health then contact me today.

Happy Heart Health Month

written by: Mrs. Kerry Madgwick

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