Has Humanity Been Helping Angels Right Along?

Has Humanity Been Helping Angels Right Along?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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This morning I was drawn to a passage in scripture and as I contemplated it I began to see an impact I hadn't noticed before, and was honestly surprised to discover.

I'm going to skip around a little rather than include the entire passage, because I want to show you what I was drawn to, but you can if you wish read the whole passage about suffering Hebrews 2 :8-18.

Jesus, who for a little while, was made lower than angels ....Crowned with glory and honor by his suffering and death....Since therefore the children (descendants of Abraham) share flesh and blood he himself shared the same things so that through death he might destroy the one who has power over death that is the Devil and free those whose lives were held in slavery....for it is clear he did not come to help angels (fallen angels) but but the descendants of Abraham ...

This entire passage is rich with understanding and I encourage you to contemplate its full meaning. I'm going to look with you at a few things I feel are helpful for us in our community as we look to gain more awareness of those things that interfere with our freedom, and the spiritually, historical ways humanity has approached clearing.

In Biblical teaching Jesus is named the some of God and the son of man. In this way he's considered the greatest human being to live and walk among us on the planet.

I find the scripture interesting in that to be among us he had to lower himself to human status and suffer as all humans do the oppression and slavery we experience in a human body. The suffering he went through and his human incarnation, made him our brother, he considered all of us part of his family brothers and sisters.

My interpretation of destroying the power of the Devil by dying, and raising from the dead (which I believe we all do not in the elegance as Him, but as we leave our body at the completion of our life) is in an absolute belief or knowing the Devil has not power over the living if you place your heart and mind in Christ.

So, Belief, or knowing which is the opposite of atheist thought forms, has a tremendous power, and then in one who is so high spiritually and whose mission was to relieve the suffering and bondage of humankind.

I'm not sure how to pull all of this spiritual knowledge together and cross the bridge so that it makes sense is natural and easy for all who follow our path of quantum activations and the divine human blueprint, as a true and deep path to healing all aspects of us, but what I do see it the absolute clarity and rightness of our work and the things we have to date discovered.

There are references to the Devil, Demons, Satan, the Defiler, and fallen angels woven throughout scripture of all traditions, not just Christian. The fact that we're now identifying them and understanding they have some level of dominion on our earth and that we seek to disappear them from their negative influence and effect on all of humankind is so very clear.

I often feel that the work we do clearing day in and day out is freeing people from slavery. I had never known Jesus didn't come to help angels, but it makes sense, he primarily is associated with Archangel Gabriel, with the exception of his birth when other angels help announce his holy birth to the shepherds.

We Do help angels in this era, and they're much in need of our love, as are all of human beings. I'm grateful for our community and the mission of serving humanity in the upliftment and awakening to both the spiritual and the physical full self expression we seek to uncover and experience fully.

I'm excited to go more deeply into the origins of humanity and our angels trainings in December as we continue to find the connections and bonds between the divine, angels and all of humankind.