Having a Strong Backbone Comes from Preparation

Having a Strong Backbone Comes from Preparation

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Backbone Backbone

I was thinking about the courage it takes to be fully expressed. To follow your passion and your dreams, live life on your terms and be 'all that you can be'. Living into your life's mission and purpose can cause you to soar to great heights and also have the pull of opposition test your resolve at every corner. Having a strong backbone through the challenges can make your life feel grace-filled, while you cross a few rapids.

When I lived in Minnesota I used to enjoy whitewater flat bottom canoeing. Over the course of several days we'd progress down a river, some filled with rapids, a few with 10-foot drops (small waterfalls). I was a real expert at navigating through these challenges, both having the canoe get hung up on a sandbar and moving out of this safely, as well as navigating the rapids, with the dangerous rushing waters around huge jutting boulders and rocks so as not to overturn the canoe. Skill, strength and trust were vital to the progression of this type of journey.

When living a life fully expressed your journey will have long periods of smooth river waters, speeding you gracefully through miles of easeful life, then with little warning, kaplowie there's the huge obstacle challenging your resolve. How you meet this obstacle determines your commitment to full self and expression and mastery.

Choice one: train and prepare for everything knowing life isn't always smooth sailing. When the boulders become visible in the distance, access the challenge, and with the skill of a master who has the training to overcome and progress safely through, progress through with mastery skill. Metaphorically this relates to participating in the apprentice program and all the year-long opportunities, where you're honing your clearing and regenerative skills, strengthening your emotions and resolve and becoming the person you always knew you could be.

Choice two: Bail out. If you haven't trained for problems this may be the wiser choice than running the rapids with no real skill or knowledge of how to progress through rough rapids. You might be able to steer the canoe to shore, or just jump out and swim to shore, you'll be safe, but stranded on the side of the river bank while your canoe and belongs speed ahead likely overturning and becoming lost or broken. If you've been canoeing for a few days, you'll have a difficult walk out, with no trails or supplies, you may wander the forest for days hungry tired cold without support. This compares with looking at the big picture, the bigger life, and wanting it, longing for it, but never stepping into full overship for it by training for the unexpected. You will be optimistic and excited when you start the journey but at some point the rapids will appear, and you'll lose your way.

Choice Three: running the rapids without training or skill, overturning and surviving, getting something broken or badly cut up and bruised or drowning, which is a very real possibility if you bump your head hard as your canoe overturns in the rushing flow of treacherous waters. This reminds me some of folks who have put themselves out there to be healers or readers, but do not understand all the working parts of staying clear while helping others. The Pollyanna ideal (happy and positive no matter what) will help some with this, but the life filled with drama, with little resources or skills can melt away hope of progressing powerfully on your vibrant health and path towards an awakened life.

I'm a realist...this may be a surprise to you, but I believe there will be problems on my path, and I believe I will always have help. I clear regularly and am sure I have avoided many difficulties as a result of my clearings, and still some challenges to appear. And I hopefully meet them with mastery and clarity as I move beyond them into a light fill beautiful abundant life.

If you've at times felt Spineless and Weak, I'm going to suggest you just didn't have enough quantum tools, skills or clearings under your belt to feel any different. Strength and confident come with knowing, training, clearing, rejuvenating and Really being YOU.

I'm looking forward to a month of magic and miracles as we combine the actual spine training with emotional balance and financial freedom. This is truly a training month of FORTIFICATION! And to top that off we are doing full Brain Regeneration in year of miracles! Want to feel strong and prepared? Please participate! The limitations you experience are the limitations you choose to hold on to. I am working diligently on releasing all limitations here and now, no more waiting. I hope you feel the same way!