Having Followers Doesn’t Mean You’re a True Leader

Having Followers Doesn’t Mean You’re a True Leader

written by: Ling Wong
by: Ling Wong
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I was listening to TED Radio Hour on Disruptive Leadership in which Seth Godin talked about how leading means committing to your tribe.

So true.

Commitment is your values and convictions distilled into your POVs, delivered through the lens of your expertise, and applied to those for whom you give a shit.

Commitment is on you. You can't force your commitment on others. Stop being judgmental and keep your hands to yourself.

Yet it doesn't mean you don't speak your Truth. You're entitled to voicing your opinions loud and clear. In fact, it's your responsibility to your tribe to do so.

Because you're committed.

(Having an opinion and being judgmental carries a completely different vibe. Try it on for size.)

Not only to voice it. But to voice it in a way that gets through to the right people. If you don't, you have nothing and nobody to committed to.

Your message is only meaningful when it's creating meaning for someone — your people.

Get through to the right people by cutting through the clutter.

Not by being loud — we have enough loud-mouthed promoters already.

Not by parroting "industry leaders" — regurgitating anything without a clear intention makes you a follower by default.

Not by getting 10k followers on social media — having followers doesn't equate to being a true leader.

Cut through the clutter and establish true leadership by saying the ONE thing that hits your people like a lightning bolt, or pulls their heartstrings, or brings them to their knees. To find that gem, you have to start with YOU.

To come face-to-face with your story. You have to first experience YOU >> http://business-soulwork.com/transformative-storytelling/

To commit to your own path, your own values, your own powers.

On YOUR OWN feet. Get solid in yourSELF. Say it out loud.


Do it right by your tribe. Not do what everyone else says is "right."

Be daring, say what you need to say in a way that resonates with your people. (Even if it isn't grammatically

correct ;


Being daring doesn't have to look like jumping off the cliff with no safety net. (Those rags to riches stories are catchy, but they're the 1%. We simply don't get to hear the other 99% because they went "splat!")

You have set up your circumstances so you can stay in alignment and say it as it is with no fears >> http://business-soulwork.com/fire-clients/

How do you express your commitment so you can find that unique tribe you can commit your heart and soul to?


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