Hawk Spirit’s Animal Energy: African Crane (Introspection)

Hawk Spirit’s Animal Energy: African Crane (Introspection)

written by: Nyra Capurso
by: Nyra Capurso
African-crowned-crane African-crowned-crane

A couple of days ago I was watching a very silly movie by the name of Paul Blart 2: Mall Cop. I will also admit that I saw the first one too. Hey that's all television has to offer sometimes. Paul Blart movies are not great but there is always a scene that is very funny.

The scene that really got me going in Paul Blart 2 was "The Garden of Introspection." When Paul goes into this garden, its beautiful and full of grace. He sees a pianist, greets the gentleman then sits down to introspect. Well out of nowhere appears this elegant, gorgeous, regal tall African Crane.

The bird sees Paul, who is peacefully introspecting and commences to give him the beat down of the year. Paul is doing his best to hold his own but he cannot outdo the great regal beast. You would think the pianist would get involved but he appears to be enjoying the melee. Paul, fortunately leaves the "Garden of Introspection" but not without some scars and possibly a bit more wisdom.

I am sharing this story today because my "Garden of Introspection" has been quite similar to this story. Introspection has always been a valuable tool in my life. I have made many clear and strategic decisions because of that special 'me' time.

However, introspection is not always happy, joy time. It can be like this very garden. Beautiful and quiet but not without its territorial thoughts and wicked "African Cranes." For the past two days, the wicked crane has been my nemesis in my introspection/meditation. So far, it has also been the winner in my quest to forgive my every mistake. I cannot forgive and the crane is my every mistake for the past five years.

There is no pianist but I don't need one. All the drama I need lies with that one crane and the somber beat of a severely broken heart. Slowly though I am emerging from the beating the crane has given me. Like Paul, I am learning to respect the challenges in front of me and analyze my reactions given to them. Just to add a small note, the African Crane ended up becoming Paul's ally. He beat up one of his enemies.

I figure the crane will become my ally as well one day. Maybe it always was but it had to beat me up for me to see. Awareness comes in many strange forms, even as a beautiful but psychopathic bird.

Thank you for taking the time to read this satire today. If there is an animal or topic you are interested in tapping into let me know. I would like to bring my clients into the blogs as well. I will be writing about shadow energy this month to celebrate Halloween. Stay tuned.

Remember to look to the Hawk for guidance on all things. Much love to you and may God bless you always. Stay safe out there. Be careful in crowded areas.


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Use Your Imagination...And You Will See the Answer: Believe in miracles.

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Archangel Sandalphon: Get Outside: Take in the beauty of nature.

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The Perfection of Your Life: Look to introspection to find fulfillment.


Bible Study: *Matthew 6:24 - Two Masters

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Thank you and God Bless.


written by: Nyra Capurso

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