Hawk Spirit’s Animal Energy-The Pitbull

Hawk Spirit’s Animal Energy-The Pitbull

written by: Nyra Capurso
by: Nyra Capurso
Pitbull Pitbull

Greetings everyone! I hope the summer has treated you well and the first half of September has been peaceful. For the past two months I have enlightened your hearts and minds with the energy of the archangels. I owe you one more and he will be apart of this blog.

Awhile back, in one of my first blogs I wrote about the dog. In that blog the dog that I introduced was my Sasha. The energy of that blog was more about family and love. This week's blog embraces a different energy of the dog and that is, its power.

I could put Sasha in here as well. She is not a dog to be reckoned with and defends her territory with her entire soul. Yet, I wanted to tap into another dog so I choose the pitbull.

As we are well aware pitbulls are a very powerful and confident breed of dog. This dog ranks at #1 of canines who can fatally harm you. I steer clear of them when I see them. Sasha doesn't like them and I don't want one harming my dog. Some may call it fear, I call it respect. At times, we have to know our boundaries.

Nevertheless, I do admire the energy and physical strength of the pitbull. They are incredibly beautiful, muscular, smart and determined. I chose this dog this week because this energy has been around me the whole entire summer. Personally and professionally, I have had to defend myself against spiritual warfare and human parasites.

Many people think that parasites only come in insect form but they don't. Demons and parasites come in all shapes and sizes. Some look like creatures from a movie and others look like your co-worker in next cubicle. Well mine were human and down-right evil.

These parasites were out to bring darkness into my life and I wouldn't have it. This is when the inner pitbull came out. All bets were off when this bad boy encroached my spiritual field. I was ready to go in that pit and win. It was a power I never thought I had but was more than happy to embrace. I did take down some of the enemies, the jury is still out with the others.

After the battle calmed down and I reflected on the pitbull energy a bit more I found out something. This is also who I am as a spiritual counselor. I am the PITBULL of spiritual enlightenment. When my clients come to me, it is to help them become powerful and embrace the ascension of their souls. I may be a bit strong when it comes to their spiritual re-vitalization but growth is not meant to be easy. This is why I am tough. It's easy to stray when the going gets rough.

What brings me great joy though is when a client comes to me a year or two later and says "Hey Hawk, I'm better, I can do it. Success, grace, achievement are coming into my life." "Thank you." The Hawk and Pitbull energy are exalted into the graces of heaven with these grand testimonials. I am pleased to hear these great stories of joy. I hope that the Divine Trinity and the angels are pleased as well. Without them the Hawk is nothing.

Speaking of heaven and angels. It's now time to introduce the last of the archangels, Zadkiel. As you can see the above picture archangel Zadkiel is surrounded by purple light. Purple is ruled by the crown chakra and can possibly enter the third-eye as well. These two chakras are both involved in higher awareness and intelligence. Archangel Zadkiel also encourages tolerance, develops wisdom, mercy and the power of forgiveness in our spiritual systems.

With the pitbull, power was discussed in a form of defense and assertiveness. It is important to know that forgiveness, has a great power of its own. When a person shows mercy and forgiveness, his/her vibrational energy escalates to the higher hundreds. Forgiveness also retreats the power of the adversary and helps the forgiver progress forward in life.

Remember, pitbulls aren't always fighting. And for those who were put in that ungodly dynamic and are saved, they often live very lovely lives. These powerful animals chose to live in love and light, though their lot was rough at first. If this isn't the truest meaning of ascension, I don't know what is. Dogs are always the greatest givers of unconditional love and compassion.