Hawk’s Animal Energy - Feral Cat (Hustler)

Hawk’s Animal Energy - Feral Cat (Hustler)

written by: Nyra Capurso
by: Nyra Capurso
Rustic Rustic

Oh yes! This week the Hawk is bringing in an energy of rawness and the street. You know it's true. When you think of a hustler, all kinds of images come to mind. Pimps, hookers, bookies and that's right, feral cats. Don't be surprised or judge me. Just because I am a spiritual woman, doesn't mean I don't know the world. I have to know the world in order to bring ascension to its inhabitants. Now smile and let's keep moving.

I enlighten you today with this fascinating vibrational energy because it is a prime tool of the entrepreneurial world and the street life. The hustle involves selling yourself, your product to people. Letting them know that yours is the best out there so they can always come to you.

Now, the hustle can come in many forms. You can use the hustle for money, love, food, whatever it is you desire. But not everyone has the talent to be a great hustler. Charm, personality, psychology, confidence, being well-versed and attractive play a big role in this vibe. You have to know how to get into the mind of your customer, provider or victim. This energy is not for everyone.

Throughout my lifetime, I've seen all kinds of hustlers. Some have been absolutely gorgeous but very, very dangerous. God took them out my path very quickly and I hope they never cross my path again. And I mean it! My most favorite hustler, though, is the beautiful tomcat pictured above, Rusty.

Rusty is a farm cat that would put his lovely self on my patio and meow till I gave him food. He knew that he was beautiful and that I was pushover for animals. Rusty would visit me everyday, roar subtly and out I would come with some Friskies.

Funny thing is, I wasn't the only one feeding Rusty. There were bowls set-up at every other neighbors yard as well. They were feeding Rusty and the feral colony that existed in our

backyards. Rusty and his brethren knew how to sell themselves by looking impressive, roaring a little and killing the occasional rodent. Definitely an easy way to get some grub.

I was given a rodent one time for breakfast. As flattering as it was to receive such a primal gift, I had to respectfully decline. Mouse guts and tea are not on the menu early in the morning. Nevertheless, I admired the moxie of the cat who gave me that gift. He/she used their instincts and brilliance to manifest the materials they needed to survive and give me a gift as well. Thanks kitten!

It's not impossible to understand the hustler energy. I'm sure everyone has had a moment in their lives of concern. The need for bills to get paid, to buy food for the family, pay the tuition for the year. How will we get the resources to make all this happen if money is tight and no support is available? Could we be like the cats and believe that a bowl of food is waiting for us at every yard? Whose to say? At times, we just need what we need.

There is a recipe that goes along with being a successful hustler. It's a part of the genius mind that falls under survival, desire, ambition and sadly, at times, manipulation. Bringing the hustler energy into our lives is not a negative if done correctly. This energy can actually invoke tremendous achievements when utilized in grace and a sense of survival that only the primal forces recognize.


Oracle Cards of the Week:

Archangel Michael Cards:

You and Your Loved Ones Are Safe: Always feel secure and at peace.

Angel Chatter Cards:

Archangel Gabriel: Not Yet - This may not be the right time to make important decisions.

Sacred Rebel Oracle:

Shock of the New - When one door closes another one opens. Do not mourn the past too long.

Deviant Moon Cards:

Four of Wands:

Enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Celebrate life.

written by: Nyra Capurso

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