Healing the Mother Split off

Healing the Mother Split off

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Healing the mother split Healing the mother split

As Adelia turns 7 months and I find myself more committed than ever to our path of a fulfilling and rich life together, I find myself often explaining my decisions to teach with Adelia present to those who are used to an old, outmoded way of being our culture has too long held onto.

When I first started my journey of bringing my work out into the world I trained with a number of top male coaches. The models for teaching were exhausting mind-numbing 12-hour training days with short breaks, with little time for relaxing, and integrating what was learned and self care. For example a women might learn much better with a lovely relaxing meal, a massage, or time at the pool. We traveled to beautiful destinations, only to spend all our waking hours in a stuffy ballroom. The model seemed very flawed to me, at least where women were concerned. There were no visible children present, surely a loss, for the grace, angels and purity they bring ~ everywhere they go, can only add to the joy of the experience.

Up until now if a women wanted to work and enjoy raising her children, she was in a really tough place. The male model was to leave behind all evidence of family, go to work and return home to decompress and join family at the dinner table. Women wanting equal rights, found very few options to maintain both the joy and fulfillment of mothering and the challenging and also very fulfilling role of mommy full-time.

Does our culture support a woman in being whole? Can she live to her richest fulfillment and heal the split of her professional and maternal self? Women who are bright and want to be challenged with excitement and rewards of a professional career were faced with a devastating spit for many decades. I have to ask why? There is everything right with women wanting to have both a fulfilling career and a joyful and rich loving relationship with their children.

Adelia has given me a great opening to help us all heal the professional/mother wounding.

Of course there are some very real issues for folks on our livestreams who, in their own childhood, were not encouraged to be seen and heard. Also there's the sorrow of having raised children without knowing she could have had a more intimate relationship with her children as she pursued her professional career.

I find it so helpful to clear emotional anchors and timelines when facing the very real shifts coming about in this new age of awakened and fully expressed living.

Clearing for enjoying a new family style of training, where children are seen and heard and encouraged to express while training is happening.

Right, permission and ability removing domination, suppression and control:

Mental, Emotional, Family, Physical timelines, cycles, resentment, blame, deception, disappointment, bitterness, stressed, sorrow, grief, crushed, envy, shame.

*we have a much larger clearing chart if you would like to deep a deep dive let us know and we'll provide it for you.

And of course common sense directs that you focus on you when you're in the training and you'll feel the processes more than when your attention is elsewhere.

Could a man do this more easily?

Imagine my friend Jack Canfield has invited you into his home for some success coaching. While you're with him his 2-year old grandson comes running in, giggling, and jumps into Jack's lap and Jack starts playing with him while he continues his conversation with you. He gets up in a very natural manner and goes to the kitchen to grab a snack for little Bobby and all the while he is with you, answering your questions and guiding you. How are you feeling? Are you enjoying your time with Jack? Have the giggles and nurturing time Jack has given to little Bobby somehow enhanced your session with him? Made it richer?

P.S. Jack, as far as I know, doesn't have a 2-year old grandson, but I wanted you to feel into having a successful well-respected man with a child do this style of teaching and really feel into the permission you give him.

We need to change. The time has come to support women in being awesome mothers while pursuing their fully self expressed life. Tt should not cause a split to want to mother and have a mission, a career that's also very much part of the journey of full self expression and deep abiding happiness.

I wish you a Happy Mother's Day, and am sending you many many blessings for a life well lived and fully expressed.

Also, I welcome your loving thoughts on healing the mother/career split.