Healthy DNA and the Breast Cancer Gene

Healthy DNA and the Breast Cancer Gene

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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In this era of god knowledge and full self-expression there is an opening to take more control of your future, by improving your DNA and removing harmful genes that do not serve your happy healthy life.

There was a time when it was appropriate to have generations in a family experience the same illness. Perhaps your grandmother aunt and now you have diabetes. Maybe you're child has inherited a rare blood illness or perhaps like my client Kate, you have inherited the breast cancer gene, and are in line to become ill or even die at some point from this familial program. Well the great news is it just doesn't have to be that way anymore. All family genetics, and all illness genes can now be removed with a simple hand movement called the quantum pump.

What I've discovered in my research with breast cancer gene and all illness programs in the DNA for that matter is that it can permanently be removed from all the cells of your can end the line of suffering, and not pass it along to future generations.

It was fun to work with Kate as she had gotten the medical test showing the markers, we worked together and removed it ad she went back getting a new DNA test with no cancer markers.

There's no need to have these tests, as kinesiology will verify both the presences and the absence of the gene, but it is nice to have the outer validation.

To learn about the full process of DNA Obliteration you'll find a step-by-step guide in Your Divine Human Blueprint, and I also train you in this technique thoroughly in the Online Diamond Immersion Training.